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The Vangelico Robbery was a 2013 jewelery store heist in Los Angeles committed by Michael DeSanta and his gang.


Owing millions of dollars to Mexican narcotics dealer Martin Madrazo, Michael DeSanta needed a way to pay off his debts. DeSanta met with his crew member Lester Crest, who told him that Vangelico, a jewelery store, would be a good target. As they drove to the store, Lester gave him glasses infused with a camera so that he could take pictures of strategic vantage points. He went on the roof and took pictures of where the vents flowed to, and also went inside and took pictures of the security systems. They drove back to the garment factory, Darnell Bros, where they planned the heist (and where Lester lived). Michael vouched for his friend Franklin Clinton as getaway driver, with Eddie Toh as a covert man, Gustavo Mota, a pro man, as a muscle man, and Rickie Lukens, whom he had met at the Lifeinvader Office, as hacker. Meanwhile, Lester researched pest control vans and knockout gas to prepare. Michael called Franklin, who agreed to partake (as a start), although Michael told him to lay low, as the heist was not yet ready. 

Michael drove to the Port of Los Angeles, where he was informed that there were some Bugstars Pest Control vans that he could use for the heist. He shot his way through LAPD and security and stole a van from the hangar. He also stole a Humane van, with the knockout gas, on the highway near the Hollywood Hills. The whole crew met, and told the plan:

The alarm system would be destroyed by Lester, and Michael wuld make the call, dropping the sleep gas through the roof. The crew would take the money; if they got int0o trouble, they would move quickly and with force.


Eddie drove the van, with Gustavo and Rickie inside; Michael drove a sedan with Franklin. They arrived at the construction ste, and Franklin headed to the top floor and put the gas through the vents, forcing the people to fall asleep. Michael and the gang stole nearly $5,000,000 in jewels and diamonds, but had only thirty seconds to take the diamonds, as Rickie could not employ anti-virus software. They fled on motorbikes to the river, fleeing the LAPD cars. After a chase through the sewers and floodgates, the bikes were loaded into the truck at the end of the river, and the crew got away. Everyone got a cut: Michael got $1,025,513, and $2,000,000 were paid to Madrazo.