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Alejandro Almeida
Alejandro Almeida
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born July 6, 1889
La Habana, Cuba
Died October 2, 1959
Miami, Florida
Affiliation Almeida Almeida
Title(s) Soldier

Alejandro Almeida was a Cuban-American mafioso who was a member of the Almeida crime family of the Cuban Mob, a Soldier under Jaime Fesser. He was not only a mobster, but a communist political agitator and a Cuban revolutionary who fought in the Cuban Revolution. He was assassinated in 1959 because of his instigation of a strike at the Miami airport.

Biography Edit

Havana meeting

Hyman Roth's 68th birthday party in Havana.

Alejandro Almeida was born in Havana, where he was raised along with his younger cousins Esteban Almeida and Ramon Almeida. Almeida became involved in the Cuban revolutionary army of Fidel Castro in early 1958, fighting alongside his cousins in the Cuban Revolution. Alejandro Almeida also became a soldier in the Almeida crime family led by Esteban, who was now a General in the Cuban armed forces. He often represented the Almeida crime family at meetings due to his eloquence in speech, and was the representative of the Almeidas at the meeting that Jewish crime lord Hyman Roth held in Havana on New Years' Eve 1958 (his birthday, as well). Roth planned to give the Almeidas a role in his non-casino operations at the time of his retirement, which he had to plan out; he was getting to that age. However, the collapse of President Fulgencio Batista's government at midnight abruptly halted the meeting, as the dons fled to get out of Cuba. Almeida took a plane to Miami, where he became a resident with United States citizenship. In 1959, he began to plot out the fall of the nationalist government, by organizing a riot at the Dodge Island airport. The riot included the airport workers, who had barely and pay for their duties and jobs, as well as a variety of Cuban-Americans and communist sympathizers. The CIA sent Agent Henry Mitchell to keep him under tabs, but he was secretly an ally of Roth. He conspired with the Sicilian Mafia to assassinate Alejandro Almeida at JC Junk & Crushing. Don Dominic, another ally of Hyman Roth, was sent to carry out the task, in order to send a violent message to the Almeida family.

Death Edit

Almeida was guarded by over 30 communist rebels armed with AK-47s and 1000 Almeida buttonmen armed with Pistol, with the junkyard acting as a fortress with tons of cover. Dominic used a Springfield Scoped sniper rifle to put a hole in Almeida's head, killing him after shooting him five times in the head, right leg, and torso. His death was not sanctioned by the Almeida family, considering that they had business to attend to in Cuba. his death was started a war.