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Almeida emblem

The Almeida crime family is a formerly-legitimatized Cuban Mafia crime family that was founded in 1930. The family was founded by General Esteban Almeida in 1930, a hero of the Cuban Revolution, in 1951 and, as a result of his courage in the war and his undying loyalty to Fidel Castro, he gained partnership with the Cuban government. In 1960, the family fought the Trapani crime family in what became the Almeida War, resulting in the near-destruction of the family. It is currently led by Henrique Almeida.

History Edit

Esteban Almeida was raised to a rich family that had prospered raising horses and taking part in the marijuana trade. In 1951, he founded the Almeida crime family and his oldest brother Bernardino Almeida joined Esteban's family, made up of around 300 buttonmen by 1959. He fought Fulgencio Batista's dictatorship alongside his family, but in 1958, he began to aid the revolutionary army of Fidel Castro. The family's business became legitimate when Castro took power, making him a commander in Cuba's armed forces as well. The Almeida family expanded its interests against the Rubio crime family, which controlled Santiago, and soon enveloped most of Cuba. The Almeida family grew in strength from 1958 to spring 1959, when the war began with the murder of Alejandro Almeida by Dominic, a Neapolitan mobster. The Almeida family invaded Miami in October after a failed assassination attempt on Castro executed by the CIA and the Mafia failed. Almeida lost many of its businesses in the war, and in early 1960, the Almeida Compound was blown up, nearly finishing the family.Esteban Almeida and his two older brother are Ramon Almeida and Henrique Almeida are dead in Almeida Compound.

Family Edit