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Ana Yamada.jpg
Ana Yamada
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born Flag of Japan.png China
Affiliation Montana Cartel
Title(s) Partner

Ana Yamada was a Chinese-American citizen who owned the U-Gin Shotgun Bar in Downtown Miami.


Ana Yamada immigrated to the United States from China, and she became the owner of the U-Gin Shotgun Bar in Downtown Miami, Florida. One day, she broke up with her boyfriend when she found out that he was having sex with her waitresses, and her boyfriend stole her money. When Tony Montana came to her store and asked if she wanted to become a business partner, she had him sent his assassin Ladonna Puebla out to kill her boyfriend first. After he successfully killed the boyfriend, Yamada decided to be a part of Montana's empire. She distributed cocaine onto the streets for her new business partner Tony, whom she also flirted with.