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Anthony Diasio
Anthony Diasio
Biographical Information
Aliases Tony Diasio
Gender Male
Born April 2, 1957
Providence, Rhode Island
Died September 17, 2006
Boston, Massachussetts
Affiliation Patriarca crime family
Title(s) Associate
Anthony Diasio was an associate in the Patriarca crime family. In 2006, he was beaten by undercover police officer William M. Costigan while trying to extort Jappreet Singh, a shopowner of the Park Luncheonette. When he tried to kill him, the Costello Gang shot him on the highway.

Biography Edit

Diasio was born in Providence to Italian immigrants, joining the Patriarca crime family. He made his bones as an enforcer, and was promoted to associate in 2001. He was one of the "front men" of the criminal organization, making sure that shopowners paid their "due"; if not, he had them tortured. In 2006, he met his end while forcing Indian-American shopowner Jappreet Singh to pay him his protection money which he had withheld the week before, and Diasio came with Sam Chiari this time. When he insulted the Irish neighborhood, calling them "dirty, dirty people", nearby customer William M. Costigan, Jr. beat him and Chiari. He beat down Diasio with his fists and a coat pole, while Chiari was knocked out when he was thrown onto a vending machine, the glass shattering and cutting him before Costigan finished him with his fists.

Diasio and Chiari woke up and tried to come after Costigan with their guns, but Costigan became affiliated with the Costello Gang in exchange for them stopping the assassins. Diasio and his enforcer were both shot in the head, and their bodies were dumped on the highway's small green zone in between the two lanes. The Massachusetts State Troopers found the corpses, identifying them as Patriarcas because of a patch inside of Chiari's coat that identified the coat as being sewn by a tailor in Providence.