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Atlantic City Massacre
Atlantic City Massacre
Conflict: Second Corleone War
Date: September 13, 1979
Place: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Outcome: The Commission eliminated

The Commission

Zasa Crew


The Commission

Joey Zasa


26 dons

one attack helicopter


12 killed
10 wounded


The Atlantic City Massacre was a sensational event in Italian Mafia history which involved the massacre of 12 mob bosses on The Commission and the serious injuries of ten in a helicopter attack orchestrated by Joey Zasa.


Joseph Zasa, the boss of the Clemenza crime family and acting boss of the Corleone crime family, was an ambitious mobster who was voted most flashy mobster by TIME Magazine and was respected by the people of Little Italy, because recruited the African-Americans and the Spanish into his gang, but Michael Corleone disrespected him because he didn't guarantee that his associates didn't deal drugs, and they did. Corleone spent all of his power preventing Zasa from rising up in The Commission, and Zasa soon arranged for the assassination of Corleone and the other Dons on The Commission in a decision backed by Osvaldo Altobello of the Tattaglia crime family. Altobello suggested that Zasa eliminate The Commission, to advised Michael that he should call a meeting to settle his differences with Zasa and to give out his retirement money to his allies. Unknown to the bosses, an attack gunship was en route.

The bosses met at the Palazzo Azzurro resort, and Corleone announced that the Corleones were retiring from the casino business, and he gave envelopes to everybody there, containing their shares in the casinos. The bosses were all happy with their shares, but Zasa did not get anything, and left the room, saying that he was treated with no respect. Altobello went with him to negotiate, but his bodyguards handcuffed the doors. 


Just then, the glasses, tables, and room started to shake. As a spotlight shone into the room, Vincent Mancini warned Michael that it was a hit, and the minigun started firing, killing many people. Twelve Dons died and ten were wounded. Michael, Mancini, Al Neri, and Matty Parisi were the only ones to get out of the room intact. The corpses stayed inside for about an hour.