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Baldo Campi
Baldo Campi
Biographical Information
Aliases Da Becchino
The Gravedigger
Gender Male
Born 1910
Siculiana, Sicily
Died 1959
Havana, Cuba
Affiliation Mangano Mangano crime family:
Campi crime family
Baldo Campi was a mobster of the Sicilian Mafia who was a caporegime in the Mangano crime family. He was killed in 1959 by Dominic, the don of the Trapani crime family, in a mob war.

Biography Edit

Baldo Campi

Baldo Campi

Early Life Edit

Baldo Maserati was born in the small village of Siculiana, Sicily, in 1910, to poor parents. As a teenager, he became involved in organized crime and became a soldato in the Mangano crime family in 1930. He became known as "Da Becchino" (The Gravedigger) for forcing his victims to dig their own graves before he executed them. Four years later, he moved to America for a job opportunity, doing business with his boss's nephew Frederico Mangano in New York, and later working in Miami.

Involvement in Organized Crime Edit

Baldo Campi soon rose to the rank of caporegime in the Mangano family, and had his own regime. In 1959, he moved to Miami in order to link up with the Don, who was moving his family from Sicily to Florida. He smuggled cars from Sicily to Miami using Global Storage, a warehouse that was a part of the Chop Shops crime ring, and later, Baldo Campi was sent to Havana in order to protect the Casino Imperial and the Casino Havana, the two Mangano gambling rackets in the city.

Murder Edit

When war broke out that year between the Corleone crime family and the Mangano crime family, Baldo Campi was one of the made men that Trapani crime family Don Dominic targeted. Campi was in charge of overviewing Matanzas Construction, Inc., a new property that would be built in Havana. However, he was attacked by Dominic and his caporegime Jimmy Lira. Campi tried to flee, but Dominic ran him over in an oil truck. Campi survived, struggling to get up, but Dominic drove over him once more, killing him.