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I thought this wikia was a fanon? Like where you make your own versions of characters and stories not copied and pasted from other wikias

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FeralG5 FeralG5 29 August 2015

Year limit

Am I allowed to set events beyond 2015?

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Damon Redwood Damon Redwood 27 September 2014

Gregory McCain - Arkham Asylum

This is my story of the game Batman: Arkamh Asylum where agent [http://[1] Gregory McCain] is on "adventures" to stop the inmates of Arkam Asylum before they turn New York into a "living-nightmare".

  • Gregory McCain - Batman
  • Carmine Cuneo - The Joker
  • Marge Cuneo - Harley Quinn
  • Emilio Barzini - Riddler
  • Scarecrow - Scarecrow
  • Marco Cuneo - Mad Hatter
  • Piggsy - Victor Zsazs
  • Sal Stracci - Killer Croc
  • Don Stracci - Penguin
  • Jim Gordon - Jim Gordon
  • Laura Barzini - Poison Ivy
  • Bobby Toro - Bane
  • Emilio Barzini Jr. - Harvey Dent
  • Aldo Trapani - Al
  • Others themswelfes

Gregory's arch enemy, has instigated an elaborate plot from within Arkham Asylum, where many of Gregory's other foes have been incarcerated. McCain investigates and comes to learn that Carmine is trying to create a…

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