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Carl "CJ" Johnson was an African-American career criminal who was formerly an OG of the Grove Street Families set of The Families. Known to his friends as "CJ", he was the younger brother of GSF founders Aace Johnson, Jean Johnson and Sweet Johnson and was neighbors with Ryder Wilson and Big Smoke in Compton for a long time. In 1987 he left Los Angeles after the death of his brothers Aace Johnson, Jean Johnson and Brian Johnson and worked as an associate of the Leone crime family for five years in New York City, helping Joey Leone in the car theft business. However, in 1992 he returned home for his mother's funeral and became involved with the GSF again, taking part in their gang wars against the Ballas, Vagos, and other gangs and in their struggles against the corrupt C.R.A.S.H. unit of Frank Tenpenny. CJ led the fightback against the Ballas when his brother was imprisoned and Ryder and Big Smoke joined forces with the Ballas. Operating for a while in San Francisco (where he destroyed the Loco Syndicate/Rifa and killed Ryder and T-Bone Mendez) and in Las Vegas (where he robbed Caesars Palace with the Triads and killed Sindacco crime family Underboss Johnny Sindacco), he later returned home to Los Angeles and helped in retaking all of the GSF's former turf from their enemies. During the L.A. Riots of 1992-1993, CJ and Sweet killed Big Smoke and destroyed his crack den, and they also killed Tenpenny, tying up all loose ends. Afterwards, CJ continued to be an active OG of the GSF, and he took over all of the gang turf in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas from the rival gangs. Sometime before 2013, he left gang life.


CJ in his regular clothes

Carl Johnson was the son of Abe Johnson and Beverly Johnson, and one of seven children; he was the fourth/fiveth, younger brother of Aace, Jean, Sean (better known as "Sweet"), twin brother of Earl and older brother of Kendl and Brian. His father abandoned the family and Sweet was the man of the house, but made life miserable for Carl. During this time, he became friends with Ryder Wilson, Big Smoke, Big Bear, B-Dup, and many other people from the neighborhood, and Sweet introduced him to a life of crime with the "Grove Street Families" gang.

Sweet Johnson

His brothers Aace, Jean, Earl Brian died in 1987, and that year, Carl moved to New York City for work, leaving behind his mother in her worst moment. Carl went to work with Joey Leone, the son of Don Salvatore Leone of the Leone crime family, boosting cars for Joey and returning it to his auto body shop. In 1992, however, he learned that his mother was gunned down, so he flew back to L.A. to be with his family.

Frank Tenpenny

While driving from the airport he was picked up by CRASH officers Frank Tenpenny, Jimmy Hernandez, and Eddie Pulaski, and Tenpenny planted evidence, saying that he was responsible for the murder of officer Ralph Pendelbury. He was kicked out of the police car in Ballas turf at Jefferson, so he was forced to steal a bike and fled the turf. Carl returned home, where he was greeted by Big Smoke, who told him that his brother and other former friends were at his mother's funeral. He reconciled with his sister quickly, but Sweet was angry towards his leaving, and when they arrived at the cemetery, Ballas and Temple Drive Families ambushed him. Johnson and the others fled on bikes for Grove Street, and CJ was told by Sweet that the Temple Drive and Seville Boulevard Families did not roll with the GSF any longer. He was also told that East Los Angeles became Ballas turf, with the Ballas taking over from the Vagos.

Ryder Wilson

When they arrived back at home, CJ was given a place to rest at the Johnson Home. Soon, CJ went with Ryder to go get a haircut and some food. After eating a salad at The Well-Stacked Pizza Co., he aided Ryder in robbing the place and killing the manager, who came after CJ with a shotgun. The two fled back to Grove Street and met up again. CJ then learned how to shoot again, with Big Smoke taking him to the gun dealer Emmett's place to shoot bottles. 

Cesar Vialpando

CJ first fought in helping his brothers perform several drive-bys across Ballas turf after the Ballas attempted to kill him, Sweet, Big Smoke, and Ryder at a Cluckin' Bell drive-thru. Then, CJ spray-painted gang tags over Ballas tags, marking up their turf again. He first fired at hostile gangsters when he rescued Sweet and his girlfriend from the Seville Boulevard Families while Sweet was with his girlfriend at her Playa del Seville home, and shortly after he was sent by Sweet to follow his sister. He met with Cesar Vialpando, leader of the Los Varrios Aztecas, and won a lowriding contest, winning $100. Vialpando later called him, telling him that if he wanted money, he could take a really nice lowrider to a contest. When he returned home, he fell asleep. 

Freddy dead

The next morning, he was called by Cesar Vialpando, who told him that, because he was a good driver, he could take part in illegal street racing. Cesar informed him that he had to use a good-looking lowrider and not just a regular car, or else he would not be let into the competition. CJ agreed to meet him at El Corona soon, where the race would take place. Soon after leaving his house, he headed over to Big Smoke's house. He accompanied Big Smoke and Sweet to pick up OG Loc from prison in Pershing Square, with Big Smoke telling CJ that their old friend Jeffrey ("OG Loc") was coming out of prison, having done everything he could to go into jail to enhance his rapping career; unfortunately, they also told him that he was raped for three weeks by a prisoner. They drove him to a house in East Los Angeles, where OG Loc wanted to confront the man who had raped him in prison, named Freddy Del Castillo, a member of the Vagos. Big Smoke and Sweet left, and CJ and OG Loc rung the doorbell, only for Freddy to flee. They pursued him on a motorcycle, with Carl driving and OG Loc shooting. They chased him to a platform where he grouped up with other Vagos, so CJ and OG Loc had to gun down the Vagos as well as OG Loc. Johnson then drove OG Loc to the employee entrance of the Burger King in Verona Beach, before driving home.

Tyrone Tippetts

Before he went home, he decided to stop by Emmet's to pick up a gun. However, he accidentally ran over a person, and a police officer arrested him while he was sitting in his car. He was brought to the precinct, where he was stripped of his weapons and was forced to pay a small bribe to the LAPD. After that, he drove towards Reece's to get a gun, and he accidentally hit a few Ballas near a motel. He ran them down and attempted to drive away, but his car crashed. While walking away, he was finished by a few shots, and was hospitalized, without guns again. He drove home and found a Micro-Uzi hidden on the roof of the house next to his and a pistol hidden in a bush behind it, and when he headed to his room, he picked up a shotgun with 5 shots and a spray can. Then, he went to sleep.

Afterwards, he dropped by Ryder, who said that his friend LB tipped him off about a stash of real weapons (not like Emmet's pistols) that were stored in the home of Colonel Fuhrberger, located in Long Beach. While Ryder kept watch outside, CJ stole three crates from the house, making sure that Fuhrberger did not notice him while he was sleping. They stole the crates and loaded them onto their black truck, and they took the truck to Ryder's lockup. After that, CJ returned to his house.

Eddie Pulaski

He dropped by Ryder's house later, but when he arrived, CRASH officers Frank Tenpenny, Jimmy Hernandez, and Eddie Pulaski entered. Tenpenny had Ryder give him some of his marijuana, and Tenpenny told the two that a train was on its way to Los Angeles. The train was filled with arms, and the train was set to arrive at 5:00 PM. When Ryder and CJ arrived, they saw some Vagos shooting at some GSF members, so they assisted their comrades in killing them. However, some Ballas joined in, and CJ came to believe that Tenpenny told every gang in South-Central about the train. CJ loaded some crates into Ryder's truck while the train was moving, and when Ryder had all the boxes that he could carry, CJ and Ryder drove to a Pay n' Spray to respray their car, as the LAPD chased them. They resprayed it and delivered it to Grove Street, where they offloaded the drugs. CJ went to sleep, and at evening, he met up with Ryder in his yard. Ryder, high on marijuana, told CJ that the reason he was kicked out of school was because he was too intelligent for it. He said that the US Army had more "straps" than anyone, and Ryder told CJ that they were going to rob the army for some of their good weapons. They headed to Ocean Docks' National Guard Depot, where CJ scaled the wall and shot the keypad, letting Ryder drive his truck to the storage depot. CJ killed a few National Guardsmen before using a forklift to load six weapons crates into the truck. They took the truck to the lockup in Willowfield, next to Emmet's gun shop. 

Next, CJ headed over to Big Smoke's place, and saw Tenpenny and Pulaski leaving the place. Big Smoke told CJ that his cousin was coming into town from Mexico, and he had to scoop her up. They drove to East Los Angeles, where Big Smoke revealed that he was actually going to do a drug deal with Vagos member Jose, who was going to sell him some weed. However, the Vagos refused to give him the weed, so Big Smoke hit one of them in the back of the head with a baseball bat. Jose fled, so CJ pursued him and killed him, stealing all of his cash.

When CJ returned to Big Smoke, he saw Tenpenny again, as well as Pulaski. Tenpenny warned him, telling him that he had his eye on him, before he left. Big Smoke told him that Tenpenny mentioned something that might put them deeper in the game, so CJ drove Big Smoke to Unity Station. Big Smoke told them that a deal was going on between the Rifa from San Francisco and the Vagos, even though the Northern Mexicans usually did not deal with the Los Angeles "eses". When they arrived, the train started to move, and a few Vagos jumped on top to fire at CJ and Big Smoke. Both of them rode on a bike, with CJ driving as Big Smoke shot the Vagos off the train. After killing all of the Vagos, CJ drove Big Smoke back to his house before the cops showed up. 

Artur Yefremov

When he headed to knock on Big Smoke's door for another job, Big Smoke left the back entrance, and he told CJ that he wanted to ride with him to Downtown Los Angeles. CJ agreed, and he drove him to The Attrium. Big Smoke told him that he was about to do a drug deal with the Russian Mafia, and he told him to wait outside, and come in if anything happened. CJ hit on a girl for a few seconds before he heard Big Smoke curse, and CJ entered The Attrium, where the Russians under Capo Artur Yefremov attempted to kill him. CJ and Big Smoke killed all of the mobsters, with CJ picking up an AK-47 and using it against the Russians. Then, Big Smoke drove away on a bike with CJ on the back, and CJ shot at the pursuing Russian motorcycles and a truck. Big Smoke used the LA River to escape, and CJ killed many of the bikers and pursuing cars by shooting them until they exploded. They escaped, with Big Smoke letting CJ get off the bike before he headed a few blocks farther to dump the bike.

CJ left his house with his modified lowrider Savanna and headed to Las Colinas, where Cesar Vialpando told him a race would be. When he arrived at Cesar's place, Cesar told him to follow him to the race start. He won the race to the docks, and he won $1,000. That same night, he headed to meet up with OG Loc. OG Loc told CJ that he had to get a sound system, and he told him that he saw a truck with a good sound system heading to a beach party while in the drive-thru. CJ headed to the party on Santa Maria Beach, and he stole the truck after impressing the DJ with some dance moves in order to fit into the party. He then stole the black van and took it to the garage in Commerce, before heading home.

Madd Dogg

When he returned to Burger King, CJ found OG Loc mopping the floors. CJ asked OG Loc if he had a writer to help him with his rhyming, and OG Loc told him that he should steal rapper Madd Dogg's rhyme book from his home in the hills. CJ entered the mansion with a knife and silently killed the guards before he got to steal the book from the recording studio, and he stealthily exited the mansion using silenced guns, his knife, and his stealth skills. CJ took Madd Dogg's rhyme book to OG Loc back at Burger King, and as he left the Burger King, he was called on his cell phone. When he answered it, it was Officer Tenpenny, who told him that he had gained his number through several means. He told him to meet him at the Market doughnut shop a few blocks away from the Burger King, as they needed to talk.

When CJ arrived at the shop, he was greeted by Tenpenny, who was sitting with officers Pulaski and Hernandez. Tenpenny told him to earn his freedom by killing a gangbanger and cop killer Vagos member who was living in an apartment in East Los Angeles, and he would have to pick up some Molotov Cocktails from an alleyway in Downtown Los Angeles with which to burn down the Vago's house. When he arrived, he killed several Vagos outside of the house before throwing five Molotov Cocktails into the Vagos hideout. However, there was a girl on the second floor, and he rescued her after putting out the fires with a fire extinguisher. He drove her home, and she introduced herself as Denise Robinson, and said that they should go on a date sometime.

Little Weasel

Before going into his house, he was called by Sweet. Sweet told him that a drug dealer named Little Weasel, formerly a GSF member, was dealing drugs in Glen Park for the Front Yard Ballas. He told him that if he messed up Glen Park, the coward would surely run, and he could kill him. CJ asked Sweet if he should pick him up, but Sweet told him to earn his stripes and that this was his own gig. Sweet advised him to pick up a gun from Ammu-Nation and take over the turf for the GSF.

After buying an SMG from Ammu-Nation, CJ headed over to Ballas turf to take it over. He killed all of the Ballas that came to attack him, and the turf fell into GSF hands. GSF gang members began to hang out in the park, but CJ knew that the territory would have to be defended against constant attack by his enemies, the Ballas and the Vagos. Next, he started a gang war in Verona Beach, taking over both the inland hood and the boardwalk from the Ballas. That night, CJ returned home to rest. 

The next day, he took Denise out drinking. Next, he headed to Sweet's, and Sweet told him that many of the Ballas were attending Little Weasel's funeral, including many OGs. CJ, Sweet, and a crew of two GSF men headed over to the Los Sepulcros graveyard, where they ambushed the Ballas leaders. They killed the Ballas gang leader Kane before escaping back to Grove Street, having dealt the Ballas a huge blow. He was wounded while trying to take over Inglewood shortly after, and was wasted by four Ballas outside of the hospital. 

After many incomplete/failed gang wars, CJ decided to help out OG Loc and get C.R.A.S.H. off his back. He visited the donut shop in Market, where he met Tenpenny and his men. Tenpenny told him that he found himself in a difficult moral position. He told CJ that he liked the status quo, and he said that if one gang had an advantage over the other, that troubled him. Tenpenny told CJ that the Ballas were making deals and connections, and Tenpenny told him to check out a busy freight warehouse down in the docklands to see what he meant when he said that a lot of guns were coming in since the fall of "that wall". He headed down to Ocean Docks, and when he arrived, he found the Russians and the Ballas having a meeting. CJ killed all of the Russians and Ballas, and he killed arms dealer Andrei before he could escape.

Alan Crawford

The next morning, he headed to Burger King and met OG Loc, who was cleaning the fryer after getting a promotion. OG Loc told him that Madd Dogg's manager Alan Crawford blackmailed OG Loc and was telling everyone that he was "whack", and OG Loc told CJ thathe wanted him to kill Crawford, who was attending an awards ceremony - that was the only time he left Dogg's side. OG Loc told him that one of the drivers was eating at Burger King across town, so CJ headed to the BK. However, the driver left, so CJ rammed his car, forcing the driver to get out. Then, CJ killed the driver after he pulled a gun on him, and CJ repaired the car at a pay n' spray. After that, he joined the convoy before 10:00 AM, and they drove to the awards ceremony. When he arrived, he drove away with Alan, kidnapping him. Alan offered him money, women, or a record contract, but CJ refused, and he drove to the pier at Verona Beach. He then drove the car at a high speed before bailing out on the pier, letting the car and Alan fall into the Pacific Ocean, killing him.

Shortly after, CJ took over the pier of Verona Beach from the Ballas in a shootout. That night, he returned to the Burger King, where he found OG Loc. OG Loc quit his job because he did not want to be a technician anymore, and he told CJ that he wanted him to take him back to the Grove for a party. OG Loc told CJ to get some girls for the party, as he would be holding a huge party before he went back to jail. CJ headed home, and slept, and when he woke up the next morning, OG Loc said that his mic was broken, and wanted CJ to come over to his party. 

Finding out that he had to come to the party between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM, CJ decided to expand his turf. He attacked Ballas-held East Los Angeles, and after he took over a large part of it, he headed down to Ganton to defend it from the Ballas OG Dajon Edwards. He killed all of the Ballas that attacked the turf, and responded to this by killing a few Ballas in a drive-by in a Greenwood with three other GSF members. Then, he returned home as the other gang members were killed in a shootout with the LAPD, and he rested, losing his wanted level.

Then, he headed over to OG Log's house, and he headed over to talk with Sweet. The two of them left the house while OG Loc was rapping, and they met Ryder outside of the house. A GSF messenger on a bike rode over on a bicycle and told them that a Ballas posse was coming to Grove Street, so they blocked the road with cars and killed some Ballas on the road. They then proceeded to kill some Ballas on the bridge above, and they killed Ballas coming out of the alleyways. After all of the Ballas were gone, CJ told Sweet that the Ballas never rolled that far before, but Sweet assured him that they heard that CJ was rolling with his brother.

When CJ visited Sweet's house, he heard them arguing over the cocaine trade. Sweet told him that all of the families' sets were meeting at the Jefferson Motel to make sure that no more coke would be moved on the streets, and that the families would no longer fight with each other. Big Smoke agreed that Sweet should be the representative for Grove Street with the Seville Boulevard Families and Temple Drive Families. CJ drove them over to the motel, and Sweet told everyone else to wait in the car, as only one rep per set was allowed in. However, an LAPD helicopter arrived, and SWAT and LAPD also arrived. Big Smoke and Ryder told CJ to come with them and escape, but CJ told him that he was going to rescue his brother, prompting Big Smoke and Ryder to drive away and flee the scene. CJ rushed into the hotel to avoid the shootout in the parking lot, and he fought past SWAT in the building. He was kissed by one prostitute when he was hurt, healing his wounds. He then found Sweet in one room, and told him about Ryder and Big Smoke leaving. The two of them reached the roof and shot down a police helicopter, and they escaped with Big Smoke and Ryder, who picked them up. CJ shot at the police through the back window, and they drove off in a huge car chase. They escaped when they bailed out of their car before it hit a fuel tanker on the highway, causing an explosion on the highway. The LAPD thought that they died, so they left the area. The GSF members decided to go separate ways to flee, and CJ was wounded while trying to take over Inglewood from the Ballas.

When he returned to Sweet's house on Grove Street, Sweet told him that now that the families were united, he would attack the Ballas. He said that he and a few other GSF members were going to get heated and head to the Four Level Interchange in Hollywood, where they would kill some Ballas. CJ decided to go and follow him, but as he left the house, Cesar Vialpando called him. Cesar told him that there was something very important in Verdant Bluffs. CJ twice insisted that he had to go with his brother, but Cesar told him that if he said it to CJ, he wouldn't believe it. CJ decided to meet him and see what was going on. He dropped by the Ammu-Nation and picked up an SMG and a few rounds for it before heading to the Verdant Bluffs alley. He entered Cesar's car with tinted windows, and he told him to take a look at a house nearby. He saw some Ballas leaving a dope spot, but he also saw Ryder and Big Smoke leaving it. He also saw them unveiling a green Sabre that had been used to kill his mom, and he saw Tenpenny and Pulaski there. He connected all of the dots and found out that they were responsible for his mom's death, and he also realized that Sweet was walking into an ambush. CJ told Cesar to take Kendl to a safe place, and he drove to the intersection.

Prince Godin

He found Sweet and OG Prince Godin at the intersection, and Sweet was wounded in the gunfight with the Ballas. CJ told him that Big Smoke sold the GSF out to the Ballas, and Sweet told him to get out of the area, because the police were going to arrive. CJ refused to abandon his wounded brother, and he killed many of the Ballas and their reinforcements. The Ballas OG Cameron Bain was killed along with some reinforcements that arrived on wheels, and CJ used up most of his ammunition in the gun battle. However, the LAPD arrived, forcing CJ to surrender to them. C.R.A.S.H. put a bag over his head, and he was taken away with them.

When the bag was taken off his head, he was in a car with Tenpenny and Pulaski. He was told by them that he was in the middle of nowhere with some clean air (Angel Pine in Whetstone County, south of Mount Chiliad and San Francisco), and Tenpenny told CJ that Sweet was alive in a prison hospital and treated for gunshot wounds. Sweet was awaiting trial, and Tenpenny told CJ that his sister was also alive. Pulaski told CJ that he needed to do a favor for the C.R.A.S.H.. He told him that a friend of theirs disagreed with their actions, and that he was going to rat them out to the CIA. He was hiding on Mount Chiliad under guard, and Tenpenny and Pulaski had him destroy his evidence, kill him, and give evidence that he wasn't going to talk. 

That afternoon, he decided to head up to Mount Chiliad to get rid of the snitch for C.R.A.S.H.. He headed up the mountain at evening and killed the three guards there. The snitch attempted to flee in his car, so CJ took a motorbike and shot at his car until it burst into flames. The snitch jumped out, and after killing two cops that arrived in a police SUV, CJ gunned him down with the last of his SMG bullets and took a picture of his body. He took the camera to the drop-off at the trailer, and the next morning, he answered a call from Cesar. CJ told him that he was in the middle of Whetstone, and Cesar said that he thought that he had some family out there. Carl asked Cesar to look after Kendl, and Cesar told him that he was going to send some backup to take care of him. Cesar told him to meet them at Dillimore in Red County, located just north of Mulholland in Los Angeles.

Catalina Vialpando

CJ drove through the countryside, exploring the rural areas in the back country as he travelled on the highway. When he arrived, he found a woman threatening two cowboys with a knife. CJ entered the building, and she greeted him angrily, asking who he was. He said that he was looking for Cesar's cousin, and she unflatteringly said that she thought that Cesar's friend was a real man. When they left, she asked where CJ's car was, and CJ asked her the same thing. She said that it was a man's job to drive a woman, and CJ sarcastically thanked Cesar for having her meet him. She said that they were going to rob a liquor store in Blueberry, a bank in Palomino Creek, a gas station in Dillimore, and a betting shop in Montgomery. He asked which one she wanted to go to first, and she called him a dumb man, saying that he was the driver and it was his choice.

CJ drove to the liquor store in Blueberry, as it was the closest. Catalina said that it should be a walk in the park, but some cowboys reached the store first and robbed it. Catalina killed one of the four cowboys as he was escaping on a Quad, and she told CJ to drive while she would shoot. They killed the man with the money in Red County and took the briefcase, and chased the two others into Montgomery, with Catalina continuing to shoot them (and threatening to kill their families). Every time that they killed a man, they stopped to pick up his briefcase, and they killed the last man in Palomino Creek. Afterwards, they headed back to the hideout on Fern Ridge to the west. Catalina gave him his cut, $1,000, and after he left, he was called by The Truth. The Truth told him that they had a mutual friend and business partner, Tenpenny. He told him that the had a room in a motel in Angel Pine, and told him to make sure that nobody followed him before he headed down to meet him.

The Truth

CJ stopped by a Blueberry Ammu-Nation, buying 420 rounds for his Tec-9 Micro-SMG. He drove across Red and Flint County to get back to Angel Pine, where he rested at his trailer. That night, he drove to the motel, where he saw Tenpenny resting on the couch high on a bong that he was using. Tenpenny told him that The Truth was going to get CJ to deliver some weed for him to a "do-gooder" District Attorney who was attempting to charge Tenpenny with charges. When the authorities would find out, the district attorney would be arrested. The Truth told him that some "squares" across the ridge had a harvester that The Truth needed, so CJ headed to the farm to steal the combine harvester. 

CJ headed to the farm, which was inhabited by survivalists, and CJ would have to steal the harvester while fighting off the hostile survivalists. CJ arrived at the farm and gunned down the survivalist men and women using his Tec-9, and he gathered their shotgun ammo. He then stole the harvester in the field and ran over several of the survivalists, with their bodies being caught in the harvester's rotating choppers and being spit out the back pipe of the vehicle. He drove it to Leafy Hollow, where he met The Truth. The Truth thanked him for bringing peace to his valley, and he told him that he would call him when the pot was ready.

Afterwards, Cesar called CJ and told him that the Varrios Los Aztecas were over, with all of his OGs being dead or in hiding. He said that there was a price on his head and perhaps even Kendl's, so CJ told him to take Kendl to Angel Pine with a trailer. Cesar said that he had some business to take care of, but CJ angrily insisted that he go straight to Angel Pine. Cesar agreed, and told him that he would meet him there soon.

That night, he headed to his trailer, where he found Kendl and Cesar. Cesar was angry, and he told CJ that he was going to go back to town and take back Little Mexico for his family. CJ told him that if he headed back to town acting like a big man, he would be shredded, and Kendl said that she did not want to lose Cesar to some macho stuff. Cesar told CJ that they already knew who their enemies were: Big Smoke, Tenpenny, and Pulaski. When he mentioned that Big Smoke was a drug pusher, CJ told him that he may be involved with C.R.A.S.H., but he was not a yayo dealer. Kendl told CJ that he was indeed a dealer - that was the way that he could afford his new house in Inglewood. Cesar informed CJ that Big Smoke sent a truck to San Francisco twice a week and the truck came back full of "white" (cocaine), so CJ told them that he would keep an eye on the highway, and he left the trailer.

After he left, Catalina called him, asking him why he didn't call, but did not listen to his responses. She told him that they had places to rob, and she hung up. CJ decided to head back to Fern Ridge to carry out another robbery with her, and at 11:40 AM, he arrived at her hideout. He kept knocking at the door, but she was not there, and when he called her a bitch, she came out of the woods and ambushed him, pushing him to the floor and holding a pistol to his head. She let him get up after she said that she thought that she loved him, and he persuaded her to let him go when he told her that they would rob places together, he would let her kill anyone she wanted to kill, and that he would treat her right. They both set out to rob either the Palomino Creek bank, the betting shop in Montgomery, or a gas station in Dillimore. They drove to the gas station, but they found out that the glass was bulletproof, so Catalina decided to steal the tanker instead. CJ drove the cab up to the tanker and connected them, so an African-American employee at the store and his friend Derek pursued them, with the man hoping to keep his job. Near the gas station in Flint County where the rig was going to be delivered to, the pursuing car crashed into one of the gas machines, blowing it up and killing Derek (who was hesitant and lazy about chasing them in the first place, and who had constantly complained that it was not his fight, that he was scared, and other worreis) and the pursuing man. Catalina met Mr. Whittaker at the gas station and told him that the truck was filled to the brim with premium gas, so the man bought the rig from her. CJ was given $5,000, his share from the robbery.

Cesar called CJ afterwards, and Cesar told him about some San Francisco races. They were all flat-tops and not pretty cars (lowriders), but they were all fast. He told him to meet him and Kendl south of Dillimore for the race. CJ headed to the Fern Ridge hideout again to do another robbery with Catalina, and she made him enter her house. He tied him up to a rack and whipped him repeatedly before having sex with him, and CJ left the house with her afterwards to either rob the Inside Track betting shop in Montgomery or the Palomino Creek bank. He decided to rob the betting shop first, and they drove to the shop. Catalina gave him satchel charges before they entered the shop, and when they entered the shop, CJ blew up the vault door with a satchel charge and blew up the safe with one as well. A man pulled the panic alarm, causing Catalina to shoot him, and they escaped in a car with the money. CJ drove to the pay n' spray and lost his wanted level, driving Catalina back to the hideout, and CJ got $2,000. Cesar then called him, saying that every Monday and Friday Big Smoke sent his courier to San Francisco from Los Angeles, and every Tuesday and Wednesday it returned. 

Shortly after, Catalina called him, and she was angry. She was angry at him, saying that they were just business partners from then on, and Catalina told CJ that she would kill everybody who messed with him. They headed to their final heist, the Palomino Creek bank. When they entered, CJ was put on crowd control, aiming his shotgun at the people in the crowd. However, the guard heroically tried to shoot CJ, causing him to blast him with a shotgun. The police were alerted to the robbery, so Catalina had CJ shoot the ATMs and take asmuch cash as possible from them. Then, they fled through the back door of the small town bank and killed the motor police that found them. They sped off on motorbikes through Red County, but Catalina crashed in Montgomery, where she was surrounded by police. CJ helped to save her and they drove off in a police SUV, going back to the hideout on Fern Ridge. He was given $10,000 for the heist, and he decided to meet up with Cesar for the race. But first, he needed to get a fast vehicle.

Wu Zi Mu

When he arrived at the meeting place for the race, he waited for Cesar, who was a bit late. When Cesar arrived, Carl was introduced to Wu Zi Mu from San Francisco, the powerful boss of the Mountain Cloud Boys who was known as "the Lucky Mole" because of his impressive driving abilities (among others) although he was blind. They raced around the rural areas to the north of Los Angeles, with CJ racing three other people down Red County, Flint County, and through some farmlands. He won the race and got $5,000, and when he left his car, Wu Zi Mu saidthat he drove with style and said that he was a man that honored his bet. Wu Zi Mu told him to clear out because the police didn't appreciate the sport, and he asked CJ to give him a call if he ever found himself in San Francisco, saying that they could do business together. 

Claude Speed

He remained at the same place for another race, and he found Catalina kissing her boyfriend Claude Speed. Catalina said that CJ was too busy racing to pay attention to her, and she was mad at him. CJ said that she said that they were only partners, and told her that he did the race for the two of them. Catalina started hitting his car with a crowbar, and he told CJ that she loved another man, Claude. Catalina told him to race her, and he reluctantly did so. He narrowly won the race (by a few seconds), and Catalina was forced to hand over her wager. Rather than cash or a pink slip, she gave him the deed to a garage in Doherty, San Francisco, and Catalina told CJ that her and Claude were going to New York City.

When he got to the hideout, he was called by The Truth, who told him that he had the pot ready. CJ headed down to Leafy Hollow, where he met The Truth. He took the weed from "the Mothership", his hippie van, but The Truth and CJ heard the sound of choppers, so The Truth told CJ to grab a flamethrower and help him burn down his huge marijuana field to get rid of the evidence. After burning all of the fields, The Truth gave CJ an RPG hidden in the back of the Mothership, and CJ used it to shoot down the helicopter. The Truth then had CJ drive the van to San Francisco, as he hadn't driven in 15 years, and CJ called Cesar. He told him that he would meet him at the garage in Doherty that he won in the races. When CJ found the place, he saw that it was very dirty, and he met Kendl, The Truth, and Cesar there. CJ was angry at everyone at first, but Kendl told CJ that her, Cesar, and The Truth would help them. The Truth told CJ that he knew a few mechanics that he could bring to the garage, both of them working in marine engines until the Forelli crime family moved into Miami. The first engineer, Jethro, was in Easter Basin.

Da Nang Boys gangsters

When CJ drove into the area, The Truth told him that it was the turf of the Da Nang Boys, Shining Razors, and Butterfly Children, three gangs from Vietnam (the Da Nang Boys were the strongest Vietnamese gang in the city, rivaling the Triads for control of the Asian gangs). CJ headed to the gas station, and he saw Jethro repairing a car. The Truth said that he could get a real job, so Jethro entered the car. Jethro was introduced to CJ, and The Truth told him that he met him at the 1989 San Francisco Love-in, where they got high together and became friends. Next, The Truth had him drive to the hospital in the Santa Flora district, although nothing was there but a van leaving, and The Truth told them to cover their faces - when the van left, he said that he had seen enough, and told CJ to continue. Then, The Truth had him go pick up Dwaine, who was working at a hotdog stand in the tram terminal of King's. Dwaine said that he had some stuff to take care of first, but he agreed to meet them at the garage. Next, The Truth had him drive to the police station in Downtown San Francisco for some reason, and they spotted the van cruising again. Next, he had him go to Zero RC in Garcia, where computer technician Zero (whom The Truth said could fix a supercomputer with a paperclip) lived. He picked up Zero, and they all headed back to the garage. Cesar met the team of engineers, and Kendl talked to Carl, saying that she found a way to get paid. Kendl told him that if CJ bought a dump and turned it into a business, it would give him lots of money. Kendl said that she could work on the property thing, while Cesar and CJ worked on the garage.

That night, Tenpenny called CJ and told him to put The Truth's weed in the district attorney's car and call We Tip in order to have him arrested for weed possession. He headed to the Vank Hoff Hotel in Financial, where the D.A. was headed to. He followed a valet into the parking garage and wasted him before stealing his uniform, and he waited in the hotel with the other valets, awaiting the D.A.'s arrival. CJ had to watch out for a blue Merit and make sure that no other valet took it, so that he could put the pot in it. He took it back to the garage, where the pot was planted, and he took the car back to th parking garage. He called the police, who found the District Attorney's pot in his trunk. There were two tons of marijuana (called "half of Mexico" by the officer) in the trunk, and they arrested him. 


CJ returned to the garage, and Zero called him. Zero said that his landlord was selling his shop, so CJ said that he was looking to invest in some property, and he said that he would swing by. He then headed into his garage, where he saw his two engineer friends working on his car. Kendl confronted CJ and asked if she looked like a hooker, and CJ asked who said it. She said the construction workers uphill, so CJ decided to teach them some respect by destroying the portables with a bulldozer and by killing the foreman - he could take over the property when the firm was scared off. He destroyed all the portables before the cops arrived, and he also used the bulldozer to push the foreman's johnny-on-the-spot into a hole before burying it with cement from a cement truck. 

T-Bone Mendez

When he returned to his garage, Jethro called CJ and said that there was an advanced driving school just up the road from the garage, and told him that it was a good place to help his driving schools. Then, he called Cesar, who said that his cousin told him that he saw a Ballas car that had people supplying Big Smoke in it. CJ told him that he would pick him up, and he drove over to Red County, where he picked up Cesar. Cesar told CJ that his cousin saw them heading down the way to Angel Pine, and told CJ that he might be able to pick them up. CJ climbed to the roof of a building opposite a Cluckin' Bell, and he took photographs of all the people at the meeting. He saw Ryder, Cesar identified one of the men as T-Bone Mendez, he saw a man wearing a suit (Cesar called him a "gringo"), and he saw a pimp. When they finished the photoshoot, Cesar drove off in his red hot rod, and CJ headed back to San Francisco.

Jizzy B

When he headed back to his garage, he saw Cesar speaking with Wu Zi Mu and his assistant. Wu Zi Mu's assistant told them that the men pictured were members of the Loco Syndicate, a cocaine ring, although they did not know much about them because they did not do business with him. The assistant told CJ that the pimp was Jizzy B, the "concierge" of the Loco Syndicate who owned Jizzy's Pleasure Domes in the old fort under the Golden Gate Bridge. CJ met Jizzy and said that anything he wanted, he could do. Jizzy B said that he had a slight problem, and said that some "dumb muscle" like CJ could be able to solve the problem. Jizzy B told CJ that one man was messing with his girls, and he killed two last week. He told CJ to find him and kill him. As CJ left, Jizzy told him to also drive one of his girls to Downtown in the "pimpmobile". After he did so, he called Jizzy, who told him that he needed another errand done before he killed the murderer. He had him go down to Hashbury, where he would kill a pretender pimp that one of his girls eyeballed. After he killed him, he told Jizzy about the hit. Jizzy B then sent him to go to the real deal, nosing around Foster Valley to stop his girls from being knocked down. After taking out both punters, CJ called Jizzy. Jizzy told him that he was a bad luck charm, as the prostitute that CJ dropped off at the hotel wanted out of prostitution. He told CJ to go to the hotel and make an example out of all of them, and he found a limo and a protective car. CJ fired at the priest's limo and his protection, and the priest screamed for the driver to go faster as he ordered the prostitute in the car with him to undress faster and put her hand "there". CJ fired at them with an SMG, and his protection's car blew up in San Francisco City Hall's park. He chased down the priest's limousine, and his car blew up in Missionary Hill (ironically) on the highway. He then called Jizzy B, and he told him to dump or keep his Pimpmobile, as there was heat on it - the APB wanted the car. CJ was given $3,000 for the job, and he escaped the police, who wanted the car. He took the Pimpmobile to a pay n' spray, and he drove back to the garage. When he returned to the garage, he was called by Wu Zi Mu, who told him to come visit him at his betting shop in Chinatown.

A Triad member

When he arrived, he headed upstairs after brushing aside a hostile bouncer (who called him "pok gai"). He found out that he was blind from his assistant before he headed upstairs to meet him. Wu Zi Mu told Carl Johnson that he was the Dai Dai Lo (boss) of the Mountain Cloud Boys Triads (Chinese Mafia), and told him to come with him to meet another Triad that was not present at a Tong meeting, saying that he could show him how Triads did things. 

They drove around the block to a storehouse meet with the Blood Feather Triad, who were not present at the meeting. Wu Zi Mu told CJ of the rivalry between the Vietnamese gangs and the Triads, and he told him that he did not know why the Da Nang Boys got so courageous recently. After they saw a crowd of people running away, theynoticed that something was wrong. CJ saw two flaming cars and many Blood Feathers dead. One surviving Triad told him that the Vietnamese wiped them out, and warned them that more were coming. CJ wiped the Da Nang Boys attackers out with his SMG, even killing a sniper. He and Woozie escaped in a car, and Woozie fired on the pursuers with his Micro Uzi (even though he could not see them). He dropped Woozie back at his betting shop, and Woozie gave him $5,000 as a token of respect for what he did. 

Ran Fa Li

After sleeping at his garage, CJ headed back to the betting shop to meet with Woozie. Woozie introduced him to Tong Shuk Foo Ran Fa Li, and Woozie told Ran Fa Li that Ah Ah Kung from Kowloon in Hong Kong told them that the Da Nang Boys were moving from Vietnam to the United States, explaining why they were becoming courageous. Ran Fa Li's translator (Ran Fa Li only spoke in grunts) told Woozie that a courier was needed to take a package from the airport to him, so CJ volunteered to do the job, with Woozie vouching for him. He headed to the airport to pick up a vehicle from the car park, and when he picked up the red car, he found out that it was an ambush. The Da Nang Boys covered all of the exits, so he had to push through their car and gun down pursuing Da Nang Boys bikers as he headed to Wu Zi Mu with the car. He dropped the car off at Esplanade North, and he was given $6,000. 

Then, CJ headed over to Jizzy's Pleasure Domes, where he saw T-Bone Mendez and Jizzy B talking with each other. They were arguing over the percentages of their cash flow from their drugs, and T-Bone cut short the conversation when he answered a phone call. He found out that a shipment was ambushed, and Jizzy B told CJ to accompany them as they rescued the shipment, which might be a DEA ambush. When he found the van, he saw four Da Nang Boys bikers escaping with the coke, so CJ snatched the coke from their bikes (one of the times, he shot the Da Nang Boys biker off the bike and snatched the coke from his bike after it fell over) and brought them back to the Pleasure Domes, and Jizzy gave him $5,000. 

Mike Toreno

When he returned to Jizzy B, he found out from T-Bone Mendez that their contact Mike Toreno was kidnapped by their rivals, and they told him to accompany T-Bone in his search for Mike. Mike told T-Bone details of what he could hear from the trunk, which could give clues as to where he was located, starting with seagulls and heavy machinery (that made CJ drive down to a building site in Doherty); he then heard freight and trucks moving (making him drive to the docks in Easter Basin), and then Mike said that he heard gunfire, gates crashing, and aircraft taking off and landing (CJ drove to the San Francisco International Airport). They found the van using Mike's cell phone signal, and they found it on the tarmac escorted by two motorcycles. T-Bone fired at the Da Nang Boys on the bike with a Micro-Uzi in a drive-by while CJ drove, and after they killed all of the Da Nang Boys, they rescued Mike from the trunk. Mike was introduced to CJ, but he was angry towards him and did not trust him. CJ was told to blow up the van with the coke in it so that the cops could not bust them for cocaine possession, and he used The Truth's RPG to blow it up. Then, they fled the airport before the police arrived, and they took their limousine to the pay n' spray in Doherty to lose the heat. He drove them back to the Pleasure Domes, but on the way, Mike acted strangely. He asked him how long he worked for Jizzy, where he came from, and took his wallet from him briefly to check his name, before giving the wallet back. CJ dropped T-Bone and Mike back at the brothel, and he was given $7,000.

CJ then decided to give a hand to Woozie, heading to his betting shop. He found out that the Da Nang Boys were keeping a constant watch on the betting shop and would likely assassinate Ran Fa Li if he left the building, so CJ proposed a diversion. He would lure the assassins to a secluded place as Ran Fa Li escaped, and Ran Fa Li's translator said that he would be rewarded for his help. CJ drove the decoy station wagon to the outskirts of Angel Pine in Whetstone, followed by two Da Nang Boys bikers. He lured them into a chase through the forest, and he stopped the station wagon at a motel in Whetstone, where Woozie's assistant Guppy told him that Ran Fa Li was safe. The Vietnamese gangsters found out that CJ was a decoy, and they drove back to Chinatown on their motorcycles. CJ was given $8,000 for the job.

After this, CJ headed over to Zero RC to help out Zero with his business. He bought it for $30,000, and entered the shop to meet with Zero, who had not seen CJ when he became the new landowner. CJ met Zero, who told him that he was depressed because of his rival Berkley. When CJ asked who he was, Zero told him that Berkley was an enemy of his ever since Zero beat him in a science fair, and Berkley swore his revenge. When the two of them heard beeping noises, they rushed to the roof, and Zero told CJ to use a minigun against attacking RC Baron miniature airplanes that Berkley was using to attack his transmitters, which would prevent him from counterattacking. CJ shot down all of the planes, and Zero gave CJ $3,000 for his defense of his shop.

Then, CJ returned to Woozie, who told him that he needed him for another job. CJ lost in video games to Woozie as they talked, and Woozie asked him how his swimming skills were. CJ said that his skills were not good, so he left the betting shop to practice his swimming skills. He swam in San Francisco Bay three times, but one of the times, he caught a wanted level. CJ attempted to flee, but he was wounded off the shore of the Randolph Industrial Estate by a police boat blowing up his boat. When he recovered in a Montgomery hospital, he restocked on supplies (leaving him with around $900), and he travelled over to an Ammu-Nation, where he increased his pistol skills. Then, he headed to his safehouse, where he slept.

The next day, CJ drove over to San Francisco to help Woozie out again. Woozie gave him the details of the job now that his lung capacity was larger, telling him that he needed to swim underwater and plant a bug on a tanker in the harbor of San Francisco, which was guarded by the Da Nang Boys. CJ jumped off a bridge in Esplanade North and picked up a knife from an underwater cave, and he swam into the bay through a series of caves. He was able to avoid Da Nang Boys patrol boats by swimming underwater after they noticed him, and they believed that he was either a seal or another animal, as they figured that nobody could hold their breath for that long. CJ silently boarded the vessel, using a knife to stealthily kill the guards. He planted a bug in the captain's cabin, and he jumped overboard and headed back to the docks of Esplanade North, and he was paid $11,000. He headed back to his garage, where he slept. 

The Snakehead

Around midnight, he headed over to Woozie's betting shop for another job. He caught Woozie as he was leaving, and Woozie told CJ that he was going to seal his position as a member of the Red Gecko Tong. However, Woozie was called by "Little Lion", who told him that the Da Nang Boys were coming in on their freighter, moored off Esplanade North. CJ was sent with Little Lion in a Maverick helicopter to act as the minigun operator, and when the helicopter attacked the Vietnamese cargo ship, CJ hit the Da Nang Boys with the firepower. A few were killed, but the Da Nang Boys shot down the helicopter with an RPG. Little Lion was killed and CJ was left only with his blade, forcing CJ to stealthily kill many Vietnamese gangsters and taking their Micro-Uzi and shotgun ammunition. CJ then entered the hold, where he gunned down many gangsters and freed some refugees from a container, who said that The Snakehead tricked them. They informed him that he was on the bridge, and they fled as CJ headed to confront The Snakehead. CJ killed the guards to the bridge, and he met The Snakehead near the controls. The Snakehead, in his early 80's, threw him a katana and duelled him. The Snakehead was taken care of in a matter of seconds, sliced several times before he could strike CJ. With The Snakehead and his men dead, CJ fled to the dinghies that the refugees secured, and they all escaped. CJ was given $15,000, and he drove back to shore.

After that, CJ headed over to his garage, and Jizzy B. called him. He told him to meet T-Bone in a four-door sedan at the gas station near the docks at Easter Basin. When CJ entered the car, T-Bone garroted him, and he asked him if he was working with somebody else. CJ told him that he wasn't working for anyone, and said that he only wanted money. T-Bone stopped, and Mike Toreno showed up outside the car - he told CJ that he needed him to protect a shipment of cocaine as it headed to the factory in Doherty. CJ jumped on a motorbike after grabbing an RPG and a sniper rifle, and he blew up several roadblocks in King's and Doherty before the van was encountered by the Da Nang Boys gangsters. CJ killed the stragglers with the sniper rifle, and he was given $9,000 when the delivery was complete.

Later, CJ dropped by his garage again, and Jethro told him that two cops were looking for him. He found Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski relaxing in his office, and Tenpenny told CJ that he needed him to take care of another job for him. He had to assassinate a journalist who was trying to uncover Tenpenny's corruption, and Pulaski reminded him to also take out an informant who was digging up information on Pulaski. The two were going to meet somewhere in Los Angeles, with the journalist heading to Cranberry Station. CJ picked up a sniper rifle at the construction site and followed the train on a bike, and he followed the journalist in his taxi to the meeting place on Santa Maria Beach's pier. There, CJ picked off one of the men with a sniper rifle and killed the other in a motorcycle drive-by, completing his task.

After that, CJ returned to San Francisco and dropped by his garage again, and he hoped to find out about the deal between the Loco Syndicate and Big Smoke's men. He first had to steal Jizzy B.'s cell phone, and he could then find out about the deal. CJ headed to the Pleasure Domes, and he killed the two armed guards at the entrance when they refused to let him in - he also used an RPG to blow up the Pimpmobile so that Jizzy could not flee in it. Instead of going through the front, CJ used a construction plank walkway to gain access to the roof and entered through a skylight. He found Jizzy B. yelling at his prostitutes, who complained that they were not making enough money; Jizzy told them that if he believed that they were hustling them, he would kill them. CJ aimed his gun at Jizzy, who was not aware of CJ's intentions, but Jizzy B. fled on a Pizzaboy that he stole in the parking lot. CJ pursued him in a limo and hit him off of his bike in the Palisades. He ran him over repeatedly, but when he did not die, CJ exited the car and shot him in the head with his SMG as he tried to return to his bike. CJ took the phone, and headed to meet his friends at the dock in Esplanade North.

Cesar told him to meet him on the roof of a building near Pier 69, and he told him that there were men on the roofs watching the pier in preparation for a drug deal. Wu Zi Mu's men exited their cars to head to the roofs, so CJ had to kill the Rifa before they could cut their men to pieces on the roofs. The deal went as planned, with T-Bone and Ryder arriving, but when Mike Toreno and his helicopter arrived, they spotted the bodies. The Ballas threw smoke grenades, forcing CJ to come in up close to kill his enemies rather than snipe them. In a large shootout, CJ killed several enemies and shot Mendez with an SMG from a far distance. Mendez backed against the pier fence, mortally wounded, and CJ and Cesar both shot him dead, and he fell over the fence and into the water. Ryder tried to escape, so CJ entered a speedboat and chased him down the river to off Red County. He shot his boat until it blew up, and he killed him, gaining $15,000.