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Carmine Ippolito.jpg
Carmine Ippolito
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1960
Manhattan, New York
Died 2008
South Kearny, New Jersey
Affiliation Pavano crime family
Title(s) Soldato

Carmine Ippolito was a Soldato of the Pavano crime family.


Carmine Ippolito was a Soldato of the Pavano crime family, a Manhattan-based organized crime syndicate from New York City. In 2008 he became the leader of a sub-crew of Pavano enforcers and associates in New Jersey, owning a few bookies and running some loan sharking businesses. He was ordered to kill Don Jimmy Pegorino of the Pegorino crime family at a sitdown in South Kearny's industrial park, and he brought his crew with him. When the crew was wiped out by Niko Bellic, he tried to flee in a car with Pegorino's tribute offerings, but Niko and Pegorino pursued him and his car was set on fire with bullets at the north-western corner of the industrial park. Ippolito was badly wounded by the blast from the car explosion, which killed his three other men, and Niko finished him off with a sniper rifle. His tribute was retaken by Niko and Jimmy, and the Pegorinos and Pavanos went to war.