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Symbol of "The Feud" basketball team and The Families

The Carson Avenue Families is a set of The Families street gang, based out of Compton, California. Although they are a member of the same gang, they have beef with the Chamberlain Gangster Families (CGF) set of The Families gang, and they have had a violent history of gang warfare in Baldwin Village and Compton, which both of the sets have a presence in. They are friendly towards Ballas but are rivals of the Vagos.


Deceased CAF Founder and Leader Damien Powers after being killed by a CGF associate Jacob Mendelhaus.

The Carson Avenue Families were created in the late 1990s by African-American gangsters of The Families street gang located in Compton. They decided to base themselves on Carson Avenue in Compton, not far from Grove Street, where the powerful Grove Street Families lived. After the GSF set dissolved when their leaders left thug life, the Carson Avenue Families muscled in on Compton and fought against other sets of the gang, with the Chamberlain Gangster Families(CGF) being their main opponent despite being the main set of the gang. The CAF became friendly towards the Ballas, and they both had a hatred of the CGF. In 2013, the rivalry between the CAF and CGF escalated as the CGF increased the amount of violent attacks on Carson Avenue and their other hangouts, including the courtyard in the apartment block on Strawberry Avenue in Compton.