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CGF graffiti

The Chamberlain Gangster Families, also known as The Hills, CGF, or Killer Hills, are a set of The Families that are found in all of Chamberlain Hills and most of Strawberry. This CGF are based on the Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips in Los Angeles. They have a in gang beef with the Carson Avenue Families. They have a bitter rivalry with the Ballas and Vagos.

CGF gangsters

The Chamberlain Gangster Families were founded by Carl Johnson or CJ who was the main protagonist of GTA San Andreas as the new set of The Families after the downfall of the Grove Street Families in 2004. The CGF became the largest of the organizations, based in the Crystal Heights projects of Chamberlain Hills. The CGF were the strongest set, but in 2013 they were divided into smaller factions when the OGs failed to respect their underlings. OG Harold Joseph became an ally of the Families' traditional enemies, the Ballas, after serving time in prison with them, and he attempted to kill two rising stars in the CGF, Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton. However, the two plotted his death and he was executed while playing basketball with some Ballas at the BJ Smith Recreational Center.

Currently, the CGF are still at war with the Ballas, and are hostile to the Carson Avenue Families.