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Christopher Moltisanti was an American film producer and a made man in the DiMeo crime family.


Moltisanti was born in 1969 in New Jersey to an Italian American family. He was the son of mobster Dickie Moltisanti. At a young age he began working with his uncle,Tony Soprano, serving as his driver and assistant. In 1998 he began working with his friend, Brendan Filone, boosting trucks. He began dating Adriana La Cerva in the 90's until she disappeared in November of 2004. In 2005 he began dating Kelli Lombardo until they eventually married and had a daughter named Caitlyn. In the early 2000's he became a made man in the DiMeo family. He is said to be partially behind the deaths of Emil Kolar, James Altieri and Mikey Palmice.

Carmine Lupertazzi Jr.[]

In the 2000's he began working with the son of powerful New York mob boss, Carmine Lupertazzi Sr. They began trying to dabble in several projects.

Cleaver (2007)[]

In 2006 they began work on their idea for a movie called, "Cleaver", a mobster slasher revenge film. The film premiered in 2007 at a private screening and was met with good reception.


On November, 2007 Moltisanti and Soprano were returning from New York when their car crashed off the highway and rolled multiple times. Moltisanti died from chocking on his own blood while Soprano got away with only cuts and bruises. Its rumored that Soprano may have murdered Moltisanti though it is unknown.