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A Compound is the headquarters of a mob, generally being a large estate that has hired guns employed to defend it. It is where the boss sleeps, but made men and some buttonmen, even civilian family members, may also reside here. In mob wars, blowing up compounds guarantees the destruction of a rival family.

History Edit

Compounds are exactly like castles: the boss of an organization lives here, has all of his belongings here, and it is defended like a fortress. A compound is where the Don and his family live, but also honorable made men may have a room or two in there. There is an armory in the basement that has weapons, ammunition, and explosives, and there are bedrooms and studies in the top floor. The compounds that are destroyed in mob wars are either caused by blowing up the gas main or by placing bombs in both compound armories. The first tactic was used commonly in the Miami War, while the second was used frequently in the Five Families War to take control of a neighborhood or to drastically weaken a family, putting it on the verge of elimination.

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