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Washington Corleone Compound

The Corleone Court on Washington Street.

The Corleone Compound was the Corleone crime family's family house that was located in Washington Street, NYC. It was abandoned in 1955, sold to Don Frank Pentangeli of the Clemenza crime family.

History Edit

In 1939, the Corleone family purchased their future compound, using it as their family home where Connie Corleone married Carlo Rizzi in 1945. Don Vito Corleone also used the Corleone Mall as a base of operations for the crime family's operations against the "Five Families" of New York City. In 1950, the Cuneo crime family attacked the Corleone Mall during the Five Families War, hoping to kill the acting don, Sonny Corleone. They failed, and all 10 Cuneos were slaugtered in hail of Tommy Gun fire. The Corleones retained the Compound until 1955, when they moved to Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Then, it became the headquarters of Don Peter Clemenza, and later, Frank Pentangeli. After his suicide, it was fully-abandoned.