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Don Tony Soprano

The DiMeo crime family, also known as the Soprano crime family, was a crime family of the Sicilian Mafia. It was founded in the 1930s by Domenico DiMeo, who emigrated from Sicily for a better life in America. The family won the Soprano-Lupertazzi War of 2007, which killed Philip Leotardo, the Don of the Lupertazzi crime family. They were allied to the Stracci crime family, Corleone crime family, Cuneo crime family, Barzini crime family, Genovese crime family, Leone crime family, Colombo crime family, Lucchese crime family, Gambino crime family, Bonanno crime family, and Tattaglia crime family while they were rivals with the Lupertazzi crime family and Buscetta crime family.


The DiMeo crime family was founded by Mike DiMeo in 1934 with the creation of The Commission, given rights to territory in Newark, New Jersey, while the Stracci crime family took over nearby Jersey City. Vito Corleone became friends with DiMeo and gave him the right to have some bases in New York City, working with the Five Families on business matters, but stayed out of the Five Families War of 1946-1955. The DiMeo Family was weakened in the late 90s by infighting that followed the death of Aprile, with Uncle Junior, his successor, fighting Tony Soprano, his nephew and the acting boss; he did more for the family than Junior did. While they went through their own series of murders, the Sopranos were also dragged into a civil war of the Lupertazzi crime family when Soldier Tony Blundetto killed the Lupertazzi Brothers and wounded Phil Leotardo in a struggle that was caused by his friendship with opposing Lupertazzi member Angelo Garepe. In the 2000s, a series of murders took place on both sides, but in 2007, Leotardo was finally killed and the war ended. The Sopranos were infiltrated by the FBI at that time, with Salvatore Bompensiero acting as a rat, as well as James Altieri.


Chart of the Soprano crime family.

Don: Mike DiMeo, Ercoli DiMeo, Giacomo Aprile, Corrado Soprano, Tony Soprano

Consiglieres: Silvio Dante, Michael Palmice

Underbosses: Robert Baccalieri, Jr., Joseph Sasso

Caporegimes: Peter Gualtieri, Larry Barese, Chris Moltisani, James Altieri, Carlo Gervasi, Richie Aprile, Gigi Cestone, Ralph Cifaretto, Vito Spatafore, Raymond Curto, Albert Barese, Philip Parisi, Murfo Lupo

Soldati: Augusto Aprile, Salvatore Bompensiero, Burt Gervasi, Walden Belfiore, Tony Blundetto, Eugene Pontecorvo, Giacomo Aprile Jr., Kevin Interdonato, Robert Baccalieri Sr., Pasquale Parisi, Chucky Signore, Benito Fazio, Thomas Dipalma, George Inzerillo, Anthony Maffei, Joseph Marino, Giuseppe Scerbo