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The Diaz Brothers was a Colombian-American drug cartel based in Little Havana, Miami in the United States state of Florida. The Diaz Brothers were one of the weaker gangs of the city, and in 1983 they were destroyed by the rival Montana Cartel of Tony Montana.


The Diaz Brothers Edgar Diaz and Alfonso Diaz were born in Colombia, a country stricken by civil war between drug-dealing FARC rebels, other rebel forces, and the United States-backed government and their paramilitary forces. The Diaz Brothers immigrated to Miami, Florida by 1980 and founded a drug cartel that became strong in the Little Havana neighborhood of the city. Their gang consisted of orange-suited Hispanic muscle and some cocaine dealers on the streets, and they became even more powerful when they took over Lopez Motors (renamed "Diaz Motors") after the death of Frank Lopez in 1983. 

That same year, they took over Little Havana after the supposed death of Montana Cartel boss Tony Montana, whose death opened a power vacuum. They took Little Havana while the Contreras Cartel took over Downtown Miami and the Gomez Cartel took over North Beach and South Beach, and they flooded the streets with drugs. However, the return of Tony Montana came that same year after he decided to quit cocaine and harming innocent people, and he waged a gang war over Little Havana with the Diaz Bros. He took over heir assets, and they attempted to assassinate him at the Babylon Club . Tony found out from one of their hitmen that they killed his mother, so Tony decided to take his revenge. He killed Edgar with a chainsaw and chased down Alfonso's car, and blew it up. He ended the Diaz Brothers by taking over the Havana Storehouse, where their remaining gang members hid their drug stashes.