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Donnie Marinelli.png
Donald Marinelli
Biographical Information
Aliases Donnie
Gender Male
Born June 8, 1911
Brooklyn Waterfront, New York City
Died January 14, 1946
Brooklyn Waterfront, New York City
Affiliation Tattaglia.jpg Tattaglia crime family
Title(s) Capo

Donnie Marinelli was a Caporegime in the Tattaglia crime family.


Marinelli was born on the poorer Waterfront area of Brooklyn to a Sicilian immigrant family. Marinelli was raised in an Italian-American section of the city and made several friends there, gaining underground connections. Marinelli was involved with the Italian Mafia when he was young, and became a small time thug while in his teenage years. He was acquainted with Mikey Saleri in the 1930s and became friendly with him, and he chose Saleri as his partner for the hit on Don Vito Corleone in December 1945. Marinelli was severely beaten by Aldo Trapani after putting five shots into Corleone, but when Capo Giuseppe Partinico held Frances Malone at gunpoint to distract Trapani, Marinelli escaped while Partinico was shot. 

Afterwards, Marinelli decided that he would be able to work against the Corleones through blackmail. After Saleri was suffocated to death, Marinelli blackmailed the Corleones, threatening to tell the public of their bribery of an NYPD officer. Salvatore Tessio found out that Marinelli frequented The Ambassador club from some of his connections with the bartenders there, and sanctioned the hit to destroy the Tattaglia power base.


Aldo Trapani was sent to make his bones by killing Marinelli, according to Tessio's strategy to destroy the Tattaglias. He drove and parked his Buick in front of The Ambassador Club and was let in by the doorman Bobby O'Riene, who did not want any truble with Marinelli. Trapani entered the store with a baseball bat and beat Marinelli several times and then finished him with the final blow.