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Doug MacRay.png
Douglas MacRay
Biographical Information
Aliases Doug
Gender Male
Born August 15, 1972
Charlestown, Boston, Massachusetts
Affiliation Colm Gang

Douglas "Doug" MacRay is a former career criminal and professional bank robber from Charlestown, Boston, which was the bank robbery capital of the world. In all of his years of being a criminal, he robbed two banks and seven armored cars, plus robbing Fenway Park during a baseball game. In 2010, after his gang was eliminated, he fled to Tallahassee, Florida, where he lives now.


Douglas MacRay was born to Stephen MacRay and Doris MacRay, and was raised in the blue collar Boston neighborhood of Charlestown, a town known for its high rate of bank heists. MacRay's mother was hooked on drugs by local mob boss Fergie Colm, who introduced the drugs to her to force Stephen to do things the way he wanted him to do. Doris hung herself when Doug was six, and the father told Doug to look for her, but he knew deep down inside that she was gone forever; Doug wouldn't know until thirty-two years later. He befriended James "Jem" Coughlin when he was young, and he went out with his sister Krista for a long time. His life was saved by Jem, who killed a kid named Brendan who was coming to roll up on Doug with a Glock 21 handgun.? He did nine years to save MacRay's life.

In 2007, he began his career as a criminal, robbing an armored car. His father was sentenced to 400 years in prison for robbing an armored car in New Hampshire and shooting two guards when they saw his face, and he followed in his footsteps as a robber. He visited his father in jail sometimes. MacRay became employed by Colm, not knowing that this was the man responsible for his mother's suicide. He was among his crew, including Jem, Albert Magloan, and Desmond Elden, the latter two also being robbers. Together, they committed the 2010 Cambrige Merit Bank robbery, as well as five armored car jobs and three other bank jobs. They narrowly escaped the robbery of a seventh armored car, and were captured in a police raid on their quarry. After interrogation, in which nobody talked, they were forcibly returned home. They decided to go for the big job, although MacRay had made a girlfriend with Claire Keesey, the bank manager of Cambrige. When she found out, she worked with the FBI, so MacRay had nothing to lose. He accepted, and they proceeded to commit the Fenway Park Heist, stealing $3 million in cash. However, MacRay and the gang engaged the FBI in a firefight, and the FBI shot dead all of his friends, including Jem, who charged into the open rather than serve another term in jail.

MacRay buried the suitcase of money in Keesey's yard, saying that she would do better with it, and lived in hiding in Florida. He lives in a house on the Bayou River, with some money that he had retained from all of his robberies.