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Esteban Urdiales.png
Esteban Urdiales
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Died 2013
Mission Row, Los Angeles
Affiliation Vagos
Title(s) OG

Esteban Urdiales was an OG of the Vagos gang in Los Angeles. He was killed in a gunfight with Jacob Mendelhaus, who stormed a deal between the Vagos and The Lost MC behind the Vanilla Unicorn in Mission Row.


Urdiales rose high in the ranks of the Mexican-American Los Angeles Vagos gang, becoming an OG in the gang. In 2013, he organized a cocaine deal with The Lost MC, who offered to sell some of their product behind the Vanilla Unicorn strip club in Mission Row, under the highway. Urdiales met with the bikers and planned to deliver the money, but the deal was interrupted by Jacob Mendelhaus, sent by The Families to take the product. Urdiales was the last survivor of the participants in the deal, but Mendelhaus targeted him as well. Urdiales was shot in the left shoulder by a sniper rifle, mortally wounding him; he survived the shot, but died of his wounds ten seconds later.