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Carmine Falcone

Don Carmine Falcone

The Falcone crime family was a strong family of the Sicilian Mafia that dominated Los Angeles, and strongest of the three main families in New York. It was founded by Don Carlo Falcone in 1929, and dissolved in 2005 with the life imprisonment of Don Carmine Falcone.

History Edit

The family was founded by Frank Falcone in the city of Los Angeles in the late 1920s after he made a fortune through his alliance with the Molinari crime family. The Falcone Family were nearly eliminated in 1955 when Don Francesco was killed in a plane crash orchestrated by the Corleones so they could move into Las Vegas unopposed. Ignazio Pignatelli became boss after 1955 and died not long after, in 1963, and Frank Romano became the boss of the family. The Falcones were again nearly destroyed, when in 1979, a helicopter attack launched by Joey Zasa cleaned out the whole of The Commission to replace the bootlegger generation with the new drug dealer generation. Don Carmine Falcone became the new boss and took over large portions of New York City and made Fish Mooney his student. She was a cruel killer, and by 1984 she was planning to overthrow the aging Falcone. His plan to make Arkham City an apartment building was instead compromised; rising boss Salvatore Maroni gained a garbage dump in a part of the city as well, showing weakness in his family. His attempt to shoot up Maroni's restaurant failed, and Falcone grew weaker. In 2005, associate Jonathan Crane, a psychologist at Alcatraz, made deals with him where he would tell the jury that convicted Falcone enforcers were insane so they would not be subject to as-brutal treatment in the insane section, and would be reconciled with the law. However, the NYPD cracked down on organized crime in the 2000s and Carmine Falcone was incarcerated for life, and the family was defunct afterwards.

Family Edit

1929-1951 Edit

Don: Carlo Falcone

Underboss: Eddie Scarpa

Capo: Rocco Matollini

Soldati: Vito Scaletta, Joe Barbaro, Henry Tomasino, Antonio Balsamo, Frankie the Mick, Berto Grossano, and Mickey Pietra

1951-1955 Edit

Don: Frank Falcone

Consigliere: Ignazio Pignatelli

Caporegimes: Richard Aspromonte, Gussie Cicero, and Lefty Mancuso

1955-1963 Edit

Don: Ignazio Pignatelli

Consigliere: Frank Romano

1963-1979 Edit

Don: Frank Romano

Underboss: Carmine Falcone

Capo: Salvatore Maroni

1979-2005 Edit

Don: Carmine Falcone

Consigliere: Jackson Eckhouse, Esq.

Caporegime: Johnny Vitti