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First Barzini War
Barzini attacks
Date: 1936-1942
Place: Little Italy
Outcome: Barzini victory
Major Battles: Death of Johnny Trapani(1936)
Battle of Trapani's Bakery (1936)
Death of Dante Marcelini (1942)

Corleone Corleone crime family

Barzini Barzini crime family


Vito Corleone
Johnny Trapani

Emilio Barzini
Pietro Testa
Dante Marcelini

The First Barzini War was a brief mob war between the Barzini crime family and the Corleone crime family that lasted from March 1 to April 17, 1936. It resulted in the expansion of the Barzini and the death of Corleone Underboss Johnny Trapani.

War Edit

Testa, Barzini, Marcelini

left to right: Barzini caporegime Pietro Testa, Don Emilio Barzini, and caporegime Dante Marcelini.

Don Emilio Barzini and the Barzinis under caporegime Pietro Testa and caporegime Dante Marcelini began to expand into the Corleone territory, most of it run by Johnny Trapani and Luca Brasi. The Barzinis began the mob war by bombing Trapani's Bakery in Little Italy, which made tons of money for the Corleone crime family. Trapani was gunned down by the Barzinis after killing three of thee enforcers, which proved to be a tremendous blow to the Corleone income through rackets. Luca Brasi retaliated by killing Marcelini at his Midtown apartment, running him over with a car. The Barzinis made a new offensive, taking over northern Little Italy, forcing the Corleones to bribe an FBI agent to put the pressure on the Barzinis and thus end the war.