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Forelli mobsters at a meeting

The Forelli crime family were an organized crime syndicate that are part of the Sicilian Mafia. The Forellis were founded by Sonny Forelli in 1894, and their most famous leader was Don Sonny Forelli, who was the Don from the 1965 until 1986, when Tommy Vercetti murdered Forelli in Miami. Since then, the Forellis were known as the Forelli Brothers.


Don Sonny Forelli in 1986.

The Forelli crime family were founded by Sonny Forelli in 1977 when the Italian Mafia was founded, following decades of gangs. The Forellis' main operations were mainly in Las Vegas, but they also operated in New York City and Miami. Don Sonny Forelli was its most famous leader, investing in Las Vegas and Miami casinos. He also fought against the Leones and Sindaccos, two rival families that also had a stake in Las Vegas casinos. The Forellis fell from power when their associate Tommy Vercetti left the family and formed the Vercetti Gang, taking over protection rackets from the Forellis after Sonny Forelli declared war. Sonny Forelli and his Capo Jimmie DeFalco were killed in an attack on the Vercetti Estate, as well as Vercetti's betraying men. Vercetti took over Miami, and "The Invisible Don" Paulie Sindacco thought that he ran things. The Forellis had one more chance at greatness when Underboss Johnny Sindacco recommended the Leones sending $3 million to the Sindaccos so that the Sindaccos, Forellis, and Leones could all invest in Caligula's Casino, a grand casino that was making lots of money.

Forelli enforcers

The Forelli Family was near-destroyed when the Mountain Cloud Boys Triad and the Grove Street Families hitman Carl Johnson robbed the casino, stealing millions of dollars. The Forellis were unable to fully recover from the robbery, and their operations in Las Vegas crumbled. In 1998, Leone Capo Toni Cipriani initiated a mob war with the Forellis, and the Southside Hoods took over most of Franco Forelli's territory. Franco Forelli was killed in the explosion of Fort Staunton, and Leone Underboss Joey Leone waged war on the Forellis, killing several of their members in 2007. Afterwards, they became known as the Forelli Brothers, as they became weakened.


Don: Sonny Forelli

Underboss: Franco Forelli

Caporegimes: Mike Forelli and Vito Cimo

Soldiers: Tommy Vercetti, Marco Forelli, and Giorgio Forelli