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Frank Greco
Biographical Information
Aliases "The Greek"
Gender Male
Born April 2, 1913
Philadelphia, America
Died November 1, 1979
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Affiliation Greco crime family
Title(s) Don
Francesco "The Greek" Greco, better known as Frank Greco, was the Don of the Greco crime family from 1955 to 1979. He was the successor of Don Vincent Forlenza as a member of The Commission, and was killed in the Atlantic City Massacre.

Biography Edit

Frank Greco was born in Philadelphia to Ettore Greco and Marghueritta Strozzi, one of his mistresses, in 1913. Greco made his bones as the family's underboss from 1940 to 1955, when his father died of pancreatic cancer. He became the Don of the Greco Family following this event, and replaced Vincent Forlenza on The Commission in 1961. Nick Geraci, the traitorous Corleone Capo, approached Greco and Don Anthony Stracci to vote Michael Corleone of the Corleone crime family into retirement, as he inadvertently tried to murder him in 1955. Greco, a loyal ally to the New York Corleone family, "accepted", but secretly remained loyal. At a meeting, Greco and Stracci disappeared, while Corleone made men Al Neri and Eddie Paradise shot him several times. Greco continued to rule Philadelphia as an ally of the Corleones and the Stracci crime family. When Michael Corleone announced his retirement in 1979, Greco was present at the large meeting at the Palazzo Azurro in Atlantic City, where Corleone gave each attending family a slice of his gambling money that he recieved from his casino operations. Greco and his family recieved $40,000,000. However, Clemenza crime family Don Joey Zasa arranged a helicopter attack, gunning down Greco and virtually all of the other dons, except for Corleones Michael, Al Neri, and Vincent Mancini, and Tramonti crime family don Matty Parisi.