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Frank Lopez.jpg
Frank Lopez
Biographical Information
Aliases Frank
Gender Male
Died 1980
Miami, Florida
Affiliation Lopez Cartel
Title(s) Drug Lord

Frank Lopez was a Cuban drug lord from Miami who was in charge of the Lopez Cartel in the 1950s until his murder in 1980 by his own associate Tony Montana, whom he had tried to kill beforehand.


Frank Lopez was a billionaire, making millions of dollars every month, and was able to keep a collection of cars, a large amount of fronts, and lots of classy women. Lopez recruited bums from Freedomtown as they arrived by the score in 1980, and one of these, Antonio Montana, started to take over his organization. Montana made deals with Alejandro Sosa without his agreement, and also developed an attraction for his girfriend Elvira Hancock. Lopez lost his assistant Omar Suarez, hung off a helicopter by The Skull because he was a police informant. Lopez gradually developed his resentment to them while he also rivaled the Contreras Cartel, Gaspar Gomez, and the Diaz Brothers. Lopez later contacted the Diaz Brothers, asking them to do a favor for him by killing Montana.


The hitmen failed to kill Montana, who left them both wounded, and Montana, suspecting Lopez, ordered his man Nick the Pig to call Lopez at 3:00 AM sharp and tell him "we fucked up, he got away". Montana was at Lopez Motors by that time with his lieutenant Manny Ribera, and Lopez answered the phone, telling the caller "(Montana)'s right here". His suspicions confirmed, Montana called him a "piece of shit", and a hapless Lopez begged for mercy. While on his knees, Frank was shot in the chest by Ribera on Tony's orders. Also killed was corrupt cop Mel Bernstein, and his security crew leader Ernie was let off, given a job by Montana as his chief-of-security.