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Michael Gambol

Boss Michael Gambol

The Gambol criminal organization was a street gang that operated in Los Angeles. It was led by Michael Gambol, who extended his gang's powers by fighting the other crime lords of LA. They consisted mainly of African-Americans, but also included a few Filipinos, Hispanics, and whites.

History Edit

Michael Gambol was originally a small-time gangster who made his own gang when he was seventeen, robbing banks and hiring more men and purchasing more weapons. He soon turned his gang into a full-scale criminal organization, and became one of Los Angeles's top crime bosses, alongside Carmine Falcone, Salvatore Maroni, Yuri Dimitrov, and Stepan Kassimov. In 2005, after the dissolution of the ruling Falcone crime family at the hands of the LAPD, and the closing of mob banks, Gambol had to make peace with the other crimelords, and stashed his money with Chinese triad boss Henry Lau, who promised to stash it in Hong Kong, where it would be safe from the police. Gambol was killed in 2008, as he was murdered by bounty hunters and his gang also collapsed.