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Gigi Cestone.png
Gianluigi Cestone
Biographical Information
Aliases Gigi
Gender Male
Died December 15, 2000
Newark, New Jersey
Affiliation DiMeo crime family
Title(s) Capo

Gianluigi "Gigi" Cestone was a Caporegime in the Soprano crime family and the only member to have served in three different crew. He was the assassin of Capo Philly Parisi and took over the Aprile Crew, after being transferred to the Soprano Crew. He died in 2001 of a heart attack caused by stress and constipation.


Cestone was born to an Italian family in New Jersey, and was called by the name of "Gigi", dimunitive form to Gianluigi and Luigi. Cestone became a Soldier in Junior Soprano's crew but later defected to Tony Soprano's crew; he carried out the murder of Philly Parisi, the Capo of the Junior Soprano Crew. In the fall of 2000 he became the leader of Richard Aprile's crew after his disappearance, his last transaction. His new crew was made up of Donald Kafranza, Vito Spatafore, and Eugene Pontecorvo, and was not met well by them. Ralph Cifaretto attempted to get him to retire by stressing him out, as he coveted the title of Caporegime.

Cestone was the one who advised Tony Soprano to sanction the hit on Salvatore "Mustang Sally" Intile after the unprovoked beating of Bryan Spatafore, carried out by Robert Baccalieri, Sr.. Both Junior Soprano and Cifaretto felt questionable judgement on the part of Gigi.

== Death ==

Cestone died of a stress-inflicted heart attack while constipated on the toilet of his social club. He was pronounced dead on arrival in the ambulance and Ralph Cifaretto took over his crew.