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Giorgio Strozzi.jpg
Giorgio Strozzi
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1905
Partinico, Sicily
Died 1959
Havana, Cuba
Affiliation Mangano.png Mangano crime family
Title(s) Underboss

Giorgio Strozzi was a mobster of the Sicilian Mafia and an underboss of the Mangano crime family under Don Samuele Mangano. He was known to be fluent in both Spanish and Italian, being a valuable member of the Mangano crime organization. Strozzi was born in Partinico, near Palermo, and was well-educated in Palermo schools. Strozzi was intelligent, yet a savage made man in the Mafia. He was killed in 1959 when Dominic bludgeoned him to death with his bare hands.


Giorgio Strozzi and the rest of the Mangano family in 1959.

Giorgio Strozzi was born in the town of Partinico, near the major city of Palermo in Sicily. Strozzi's parents were wealthy people who made money through running a chop shop in the city of Palermo. Strozzi was a well-educated person who later turned out to be a very important mafia hood. He joined the mob when he was seventeen years old, hoping to make a little extra money. He was involved in the murder of five innocent people on St. Angelo Street in Palermo, alongside fellow future Mangano soldati Giovanni Corbinelli, who turned out to be more than met the eye. Strozzi decided not to work with the rest, but to work with the best; he decided to join the Mangano crime family in 1930.

Strozzi executes Buddy Aspromonte.

He was known to be a very violent person during his tenure as underboss, which was engineered by his high-level intelligence, as well as his accuracy in the Spanish language. He was made the main hitman in the Mangano family, carrying out bombings, sabotage, killings, theft, and beatdowns all across Sicily and the United States, later to be extended to the streets of Cuba. In 1958, he was made the boss of the Strozzi crime family, an independent family that ran under the thumb of the Manganos. He controlled Caporegime Doffo Spini and the soldati Luchino Uliari and Giovanni Corbinelli, thus controlling a very powerful family. In 1959, when war broke out between the Corleone crime family and the Manganos, Strozzi was sent to Havana to secure police protection. He was meeting with Police Chief Armando Garcia when he was attacked by Dominic, the Don of the Trapani crime family and a vassal of the Corleones. Strozzi's face was mutilated by a melee execution by Dominic, who smashed his face with his fist until he died. Strozzi's loss was an important one, as the Manganos lost their corrupt police officers.

The Mangano family was like a cockroach without its head; it continued on for a while, but eventually was destroyed along with the Mangano Compound by Dominic and his family.