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Giorgio Tessio
Biographical Information
Aliases Tess
Gender Male
Born 1920
Died 1965
Affiliation Corleone.png Trapani crime family
Title(s) Caporegime

Giorgio Tessio was a mobster in the Sicilian Mafia and the caporegime of the Trapani crime family from 1959 to 1965, when he was killed in a shootout with the NYPD. He was known to be a powerful caporegime in the family, and his death was mourned heavily.


Tessio was born in Staten Island, New York, to Girolamo Tessio, the brother of Corleone turncoat Salvatore Tessio. Giorgio was a hoodlum in high school, hanging out with gangsters since he was unpopular. He became an outsider for the Corleone crime family in 1945, and was accepted into the family as a low-level enforcer. He was involved in the death of Piero Abruzzi, a Tattaglia caporegime in 1950, being one of the guards stationed at Stromboli Supplies. Tessio was "made" into the Trapani crime family in 1956 as an associate, running their businesses in New York, but later headed to Miami to run the gambling businesses there. After killing Hyman Roth, Don Dominic fled to the Mangano Compound, taken over in 1959, where he was greeted by his family. Tessio was present to kiss his hand as "Godfather", which made him known to the public as a strong don. Tessio returned to New York City in 1960, remaining there until 1965. That year, the NYPD cracked down on organized crime following the reign of terror of Nick Geraci, and Tessio was one of the men killed. He was walking through Edgemont Park when an NYPD squad car killed him in a drive-by. Tessio was marked for death ever since 1963, held suspicicous for the death of John F. Kennedy, the US President. The entire mafia was thought to have been a part of a conspiracy, which meant that they were made public enemies.