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Giovanni Ancelotti
Biographical Information
Aliases Old Man Ancelotti
Gender Male
Born June 18, 1930
Naples, Italy
Affiliation Ancelotti crime family
Title(s) Don

Giovanni Ancelotti is an Italian-American mob boss who is recognized as the boss of the Ancelotti crime family, once a strong organization, but now a weakened gang. Ancelotti has been the don since 1978, when his uncle died, and he ran loan sharking, fencing, and extortion, gathering lots of money.


Ancelotti was born in Naples, Italy, to Frankie Ancelotti. He was believed to have been in charge of black market rackets selling contraband to US troops in Naples at the close of World War II - he was 15. He immigrated to the US in 1950 and worked in the New Jersey Fruit Market, which he now owns. He ran a loan sharking, fencing, and extortion operation from the market, and took control of the crime family since the death of his uncle in 1978. Since then, he has been linked to nightclub owner Tony Prince, and had one daughter, Gracie Anclotti, and became a rich don, fighting the Gambetti crime family and Messina crime family. He was arrested various times: in 1951 for possession of stolen property, 1952 for extortion, 1955 for loansharking, 1960 for manslaughter, and in 2003 for racketeering. He became known as "Old Man Ancelotti" on the streets because of his extreme age, yet was a stalwart don who recruited the meanest Albanians and Russians off of the streets as associates and enforcers. His family got into trouble with the McReary crime family when they stole two of his drug shipments, and the Pegorino crime family put a hit on their Underboss Charles Matteo, not long after the deaths of Capos Anthony Spoleto and Frankie Garone at the hands of the Irish Mob, who also kidnapped his daughter in exchange for Tony Prince's diamonds. Ancelotti fixed the problem by threatening Prince and Luis Lopez unless they gave the diamonds to the Irishmen in exchange for his daughter, his jewel. He got her back after negotiation, with Lopez, Prince, and Gracie escaping the shootout with Bulgarin crime family assassins that broke the deal up, as the Bulgarins wanted to steal back the diamonds; they belonged to Ray Bulgarin before they were stolen by diamond dealers. Ancelotti is still the Don, despite his age of 83 years.