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Camel Hair.jpg
Giuseppe Partinico
Biographical Information
Aliases Camel Hair
Gender Male
Born June 2, 1890
Marsala, Sicily
Died December 21, 1945
Little Italy, NYC
Affiliation Tattaglia crime family
Title(s) Caporegime

Giuseppe Partinico was a caporegime of the Tattaglia crime family from 1940 to 1945. Partinico was better known as "Camel Hair", because of his blonde hair. He was killed in the Sollozzo Intrigue in December 1945, after taking part in the First Assassination Attempt on Vito Corleone.


Partinico holding Frances Malone hostage.

Giuseppe Partinico was born in Marsala, Sicily, but in 1914 he immigrated to America, where he became a member of an olive oil company. He was a waiter at The Luna Bar from 1914 to 1916, before he became involved in the Tattaglia crime family.

In 1940, he was promoted to caporegime to replace the slain caporegime Santino Tagucci, who was killed in a mob war with the Corleones. He took part in an assassination attempt on Don Vito Corleone of the rival Corleone crime family in December 1945, accomodated by Don Philip Tattaglia. He held Frances Malone, a civilian walking in the streets, at gunpoint after the other assassins were killed in the failed shooting, hoping to avoid being shot. But Aldo Trapani carefully put a bullet in his forehead, letting Malone live. Partinico was replaced by Nico D'Avella.