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Gustavo Mota.jpg
Gustavo Mota
Biographical Information
Aliases Gus
Gender Male
Affiliation Vagos
Michael's Gang

Gustavo "Gus" Mota is a Mexican-American criminal who works as a gunman for Michael De Santa's robbery crew, and a former member of the Vagos.


Mota was born in Los Angeles to a Mexican-American family, and joined a local Mexican gang, the Vagos. He started out in his criminal career making small drug heists for the gang, but one of his attacks on a security van gained him $200,000. Most of the money was cut for the gang, but with his share he was able to become an independent criminal without a need for the gang.

He became an associate of hacker Lester Crest and worked with him as a contact, and he was freed from a prison bus on the Grand Senora Freeway by Crest's contact Jacob Mendelhaus. He laid low in Crest's front, the Darnell Brothers Garment Factory, in La Mesa for months, hoping to avoid being arrested again for being a fugitive.

Later in 2013 he returned to a criminal career as one of Michael De Santa's heist crew members during the Vangelico robbery, Paleto Bay heist, the FBI Headquarters bombing, and the Union Depository. He gained skills as a gunman, and gained a 14% cut of all gains in the robberies. With this cash, he became very rich.