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Halie Durall.png
Halie Durall
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Died 2013
Davis, Los Angeles
Affiliation Madrazo Cartel
Title(s) Associate

Halie Durall was a trusted business associate of Martin Madrazo who later turned him in to the federal government, and as a result, was killed.


Durall was a trusted business associate of Madrazo Cartel leader Martin Madrazo, who paid her generously. Because her hands were as dirty as Martin's, in 2013 she talked to the District Attorney at the Viceroy Hotel in Davis, Los Angeles. Martin, betrayed by his former associate and friend, sent Jacob Mendelhaus to kill her. He shot one of her tires out and pursued her, and was able to kill her with a few Micro-Uzi shots to the back of her head.