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Harold Joseph
Biographical Information
Aliases Stretch
Gender Male
Born April 4, 1987
Baldwin Village, Los Angeles, California
Died June 11, 2019
Chamberlain Hills, Los Angeles, California
Affiliation Chamberlain Gangsters Families (formerly)
Title(s) OG

Harold Joseph, known by his street name "Stretch", was an African-American gangster who was an OG in the Chamberlain Gangsters Families, imprisoned for years until his release in 2013. He was known for making deals with the Ballas frequently, and this resulted in his death in 2013.


Joseph was born in Baldwin Village to an African-American family living in a poor and criminal neighborhood of Los Angeles. Joseph took part in gang activity as a child and joined the Chamberlain Gangsters Families at the age of twelve. He was a veteran member who rose to become an OG, and was arrested in 2008 for drug crimes. While in prison, he was defended from being attacked by a rival gang, the Ballas, and he gained respect for them, and even established relations with them. Joseph defected to them, and attempted to ally.

He was released in 2013, and reunited with gangsters Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton, whom he saw as young homies at the time of his arrest. He grew a poor relationship with Franklin, assaulting him when he made a "dropping the soap" joke. Joseph told the two to do a kidnapping job on Ballas OG D, and they nearly succeeded, had it not been for Lamar calling the Ballas leadership about the kidnapping on a cell phone, giving the LAPD their position. They left D on the street and lost the cops, and drove home. Stretch made another mistake by doing a drug deal in a salvage building in La Puerta with D, and when Ballas SUVs pulled up, Stretch shot D in the head and the three fought their way through the Ballas. Stretch still dealt with them, and eventually set up Lamar. He brought him to a saw mill near Paleto Bay, but Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips, and Franklin resecued Lamar from the Ballas and Stretch fled. He is now a Ballas gang member.


Stretch dead

Harold was thrown into the problem when Michael, Trevor, and Franklin conspired to kill their enemies, and Lester Crest traced his phone at the BJ Smith Recreation Center. Michael headed to kill him. At a basketball court, Michael drove up to him and listened to him as he talked with a group of Ballas, who had been playing with him. De Santa eaves dropped on the conversation, hearing Stretch trash-talking about Lamar Davis and his gang. He quit the conversation with his Ballas friends when they said that the "only bitch he could deal with was the one who 'worked his pole' last night". 

Shortly after, De Santa drew a sniper rifle and shot Stretch in the head, before killing the other Ballas with a bullpup rifle. Stretch's death ended the Ballas-CGF partnership.