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Hell's Kitchen in 2008

Map of Hell's Kitchen, 1945

Hell's Kitchen, also known as Purgatory, is a neighborhood on the lower West Side of Manhattan, New York City, which mainly consists of burnt-out tenements and old warehouses. It has a high Irish and Italian population, with the Westies gang holing up in the area until the 1920s, when Carmine Cuneo took it for himself and the Italian Mafia. The Cuneo crime family were eventually eliminated in 1955 when the Trapani crime family bombed the Cuneo Compound at the Hell's Kitchen rail yards and took over all of the businesses from the Cuneos and Straccis. As of recently, Hell's Kitchen was controlled by the McReary crime family, a group of Irish illegal immigrants who formed a strong gang that made it nicknamed "Purgatory" as well as Hell's Kitchen.

The area is known for its Irish community, and in the 1940s, was known for its poverty-stricken areas that included housing projects and abandoned storehouses. Now, it has reformed into a better area, but street crime is common, with the Westies and Irish Mob in charge.