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Ignacio Veron.jpg
Ignacio Veron
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Died 2013
USA.png Chumash, California
Affiliation Vagos
Title(s) OG

Ignacio Veron was an OG of the Vagos.


Ignacio Veron was born to a Mexican-American family in Los Angeles, and he became an OG of the Vagos street gang. Veron was involved in the smuggling of heroin from Mexico to the United States through a pier in Chumash on the coast of Los Angeles County, not far north from LA. In 2013, Gerald Ward of The Families found out about the shipment, so he sent Jacob Mendelhaus to go after the boat. At night, Mendelhaus and three other hired guns attacked the pier, where they engaged in a shootout with the Vagos. Veron was among those killed.