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An Irish mobster, smoking a cigarette.

The Irish Mob, also known as the Irish Mafia, is one of the largest American criminal organizations, mainly operating in Chicago and Boston (and the rest of Massachusetts). They were known to be against the .Sicilian Mafia, as they were seen as rival races.

History Edit

The Irish gangs were founded back in the 1860s after the immigration from Ireland to the United States began, but the Irish Mafia began in the 1900s, modeling themselves off of the Italian Mafia. The Irish immigration caused many unemployed people, many of whom lived criminal lives. The most famous Irish gangs were the Five Points Gang and the Moran Gang, the former based in New York City, the latter in Chicago. Irish Mafiosi mainly operated on the East Coast, since it was closer to island, but some headed as far west as Chicago, and some even headed to Los Angeles

Crime Families Edit