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Jacob Mendelhaus
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born June 18, 1992
New York City, New York
Died May 16th, 2020
Rancho, Los Angeles
Affiliation GMF.png German Mafia Family
The Families (associate)
Trevor Phillips Enterprises (associate)
Title(s) Don

Jacob Mendelhaus was an American organized crime figure who was a hired gun in Blaine County and Los Angeles in 2013. Starting out as an he and GTA Online Protagonist errand dudes for The Families, he rose to become an important underworld figure with connections to GTA Online Protagonist, cartel boss Martin Madrazo, meth dealer Trevor Phillips, hacker Lester Crest, car dealer Simeon Yetarian, drug dealer Gerald Ward, and others. Mendelhaus and his father Mark Mendelhaus formed the German Mafia Family together, a father-and-son team of criminals that did everything from stealing and racing cars and sticking up convenience stores to stealing drugs, wiping out gang hideouts, taking down the Los Angeles Connection, and getting into serious trouble with the police and rival gangs. He has moved around from Los Angeles to Paleto Bay on numerous occasions, and his crimes were all across the state of California, ranging in severity.


Early Career[]

Mark Mendelhaus

Jacob Mendelhaus was born in New York City, the son of Mark Mendelhaus. Jacob's father was of German descent, and his mother was of German descent. Jacob became a small-time criminal and introduced his father to a life of crime, and the two of them provided for themselves by robbing stores and stealing cars. The two of them were largely unnoticed by the NYPD, and they were able to take part in several criminal activities. The two of them eventually realized that they were not going to get too far in life if they were only doing small-time activities. However, in late spring of 2013 Mendelhaus and GTA Online Protagonist was invited to come out to Los Angeles by their Facebook friend Lamar Davis (an African-American gangster from the Chamberlain Gangster Families) but mendelhus and gta online protagonist not meeting before but they are travelling with different planes but their travelling location is same but they aren't come from same locations, Mendelhaus and GTA Online Protagonist traveled to the John F. Kennedy International Airport on a flight to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Mendelhaus put all of his money into the venture, and he gambled on his success in the city and its surrounding countryside areas.

Lamar Davis

Upon flying over the city, Mendelhaus and GTA Online Protagonist observed the vast size of the city, which also symbolized the vast array of opportunities. Lamar waited for them at the terminal, and Lamar gave them an untraceable gun named Taurus PT92 to protect themselves. Davis drove him out of the airport, telling them that there were all kinds of opportunities. He told them about the best mechanic Hao, who would give him a race. He was also told about Gerald Ward from The Families, and Simeon Yetarian, a mechanic. He and GTA Online Protagonist looked around, seeing all of the sights that the city had. He gazed with wonder, dreaming what the city would do for him. He was dropped off, and Lamar told him that they would get a car to race in. 

He chose a yellow Albany, and he raced woman Phili-Spoon, AJ Bucknell, GTA Online Protagonist and Lamar. He was a commuter, the others Sunday Drivers. He got 3/4th place, with GTA Online Protagonist winning and Lamar getting 2nd place. He met Lamar, who was talking on the phone. He told Jacob and GTA Online Protagonist that his man Gerald was waiting for a man to help him out with business, so he drove to a meeting in Vespucci where Ballas and Vagos were putting aside their cultural differences for a drug deal. He shot all of the Vagos and Ballas and drove to Gerald's house in Compton, where he and GTA Online Protagonist met Lamar and Gerald. He gave him the dope, and was paid, and Lamar told them to get some gear. 

Simeon Yetarian

He and GTA Online Protagonist drove to a discount store, and bought some clothes. He got a black suit jacket, and soon after, Lamar called him and offered him a job in holding up a LTD Gasoline store with one of The Families gangsters. He drove to the Compton store and forced the Indian clerk to pay him $1,140 from the register, holding him at gunpoint and shouting. He took the cash and fled the station, and the police lost him. Soon after, car dealer Simeon Yetarian called him, asking him to improve himself with a fine car. He told him about a friend at LA Customs who could help him out for sure. He drove to the repair shop, and modded his van to be orange.

Gerald Ward

Soon, Gerald asked him to go to Cypress Flats to prove his worth in gun skills. He joined an effort to tear down the Cypress Flats industrial buildings and and create luxury lofts in their place. He was pistoled by a member of the other gang, and wounded. He watched the Fox News report and heard that the efforts to identify the two gangs were unsuccessful, and his team lost the battle. However, he gained $800 from the fight. 

He drove a white sedan to pick up other gangsters for a cruising party. However, he was sub-machine gunned, wounded, by a random gangster who wanted to eliminate the three-person party. He was healed and left from Davis, seeking a new opportunity for a job. Lamar called him about another stickup, and he stole $1,393 from the Chinese clerk at the register and lost the LAPD.

One night, while he was at a Venice Beach clothes store, a man tried to shoot at him through the window. He dove to cover behind the counter and shot the man once in the right shoulder, and once in the head, killing the assailant. He fled in the assassin's car, and escaped the LAPD.

Soon, he was invited to Roger's Scrapyard to kill some Ballas making a deal with some professional drug dealers. He was driven there by a female gangster who honked her horn in her sports car, signaling for him to get in. Him, the female, and another gangster headed to La Puerta to attack the deal. The female got the coke, with Jacob and another gangster assisting in the firefight, and they helped deliver the coke to Gerald's apartment. The three of them were given $3,000 each.

Soon after, he got more money by holding up the gas station with a pistol. Soon after, he was invited to another attack on the Roger's Scrapyard with three other gangsters, also contacted by Gerald, who hit the guys up, as they had been good workers. He was wounded, so the other three guys had to do the shootout by themselveds. Many Ballas and drug dealers were gunned down. He recieved another $3,000. 

He robbed a gas station again for more money, and soon after, was called to take a car back for Simeon Yetarian, who had been robbed. Mendelhaus assisted another gangster in stealing the second car, helping to hold off the police with a gun as the other man drove away in the yellow car. They got the car back to Premium Autosports Deluxe, finishing the job and getting paid.

Soon, Simeon called Jacob, and told him that he modified his van for a free gift to him in eschange for his services. He one day drove to LA Customs and destroyed a gangster's brand-new car to teach him respect for the German Mafia Family, his new gang in the city. He also took part in several shootings around the city targeted at random gangsters. These shootings also gave him extra cash, looted from their bodies. One time, while a gangster was in T-Shirt Depot, he popped their car's tires and beat it up as they were shopping, only to find their car destroyed. 

Again, he headed to Roger's Scrapyard for another hit on a Ballas drug deal with some professional type producers. He got $3,000 for assisting in the stickup, another job for Gerald done. Soon, he was given a job to take advantage of a meeting in Del Perro Pier involving some of The Lost MC. Along with his father Mark Mendelhaus and another gangster, they attacked the pier and attempted to steal the methamphetamines that were being sold. They gunned down The Lost bikers underneath the pier and they escaped in a Lost MC van to Gerald's apartment, and they got their money. Gerald paid them $1,500, and they returned to gangbanging.

He did two jobs with his father and stole thousands of dollars. They split the cut by 50%, and each party got around $950 per store burglary. The costs were enough to get Mark some guns, while Jacob was already prepared with some weapons. The two performed several jobs, with Jacob usually driving the getaway car, but one one job where Jacob attempted the heist as Mark was in Hollywood, his father came to the rescue with the car. After a heist in LA that cost the two injuries, they fled to Blaine County for some raids against stores there. Their first one was in Sandy Shores, getting them around $800 each. They continued to Grapeseed and Paleto Bay for further holdups. The two made only a handful of cash for each robbery, but they made sure that they used it wisely, buying guns, and they also bought clothes. 

One day, he and a crew of three gangsters planned to steal crystal from some hillbillies for Gerald. He sat in the car of a fellow gangster, and they drove to the RV where the meth was stored. They stole the van and were paid thousands of dollars for the attack. He made more money later on by assisting Simeon Yetarian in repossessing cars, and continued to rob gas stations and small businesses. 

Soon, he made enemies with Gerard Joseph and Xavier Donovan, and started a war with them. He had a one-on-one deathmatch with Donovan in Cypress Flats, and although he lost the competition, he killed him at a power station near Murrieta Heights, and again challenged him to a deathmatch there. The back-and-forth wounds inflicted on each other were meant as revenge for revenge, and the conflict escalated every cap busted. Eventually, he fled in his car, hoping to end the rivalry.

Days later, he played tennis with his father in Pacific Bluffs, having already robbed two stores, and they wanted to settle for something peaceful. Along with his father and Michael Borzewski, he took part in a pier rip-off against The Lost. Later, he took part in a race from Pacific Bluffs to El Burro Heights on "The Commute", along with his father and another man. He got first place, winning over $4,500, and proceeded to do a job against hipsters with his dad, who was now able to buy a shotgun due to an increase in reputation. They were to take product from a van of two hipsters, but other hoods had the same exact idea. The Crims and Outlaws competed for the product, and he was for the outlaws, his father for the crims. He shot the two hipsters in the van and delivered the product to Grapeseed, and got $1,500, beating his father. 

They returned to their usual business as partners afterwards, and he aided him in stealing a Cabrio back from one of Simeon's customers, in exchange for some of "Uncle Simeon"'s money. They took the car from the Mt. Zonah Meical Center, and the two were paid $1,500 for stealing it. Next, the two did a lap race around Hollywood, and got  $2,600 for winning. They did another race through the Tongva Hills, Chumash, and the Banham Canyon in the wine country for California, and he narrowly beat his father in a race at night. He won $2,600 for the race. 

Two days later, they headed to steal a car from Bel Air for Simeon. They broke into the mansion and killed the guards and stole the cars, and they both got $2,000. They also won a Last Team Standing in Chumash, and won $1,600. He also did a boat race under the Vespucci Canal with his father, and narrowly lost after 6 minutes. He got $1,500 for second place. His next race was down an airport runway versus his father and Debi85. He got 2nd because of a slight swirve, and he got $1,020 for his placing. 

New Contacts[]

Soon after, Lester Crest called him, telling him that he was mentioned on gangsters' tweets and on police databases, which he always checked on. He flew to Murrieta Heights on a helicopter and entered Lester's home to meet him. He told him that his name was "Dangerous Idiot who is trying to be robbed". He told him to put money into property so that he would not be robbed, and he also told him that he could put a bounty on anybody in the state, but anybody could put a bounty on him. He left with this new ability.

They bought some ammunition and jackets, and he stole some money from a Sandy Shores small business. Soon, he assisted his father in repossessing a yellow Coquette from the Port of Los Angeles for Simeon. They drove out from Blaine County to get the two cars for Simeon,  and the first one was stolen when Mark blocked a bridge with his car and Jacob shot the driver and drove tha car back to Simeon. The other one was captured when Mark (Jacob was injured when his car turned upside down and exploded chased him around Great Chaparral and caught up with him after over twenty minutes, and took the car. 

A few days later he again joined up with Mark and carried on with their usual work. At night, he picked his father up in a yellow SUV from the Premium Autosports Deluxe car dealership in Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Angeles, and both were shot while swimming away from a robbery scene in Paleto Bay. Soon, he had a threatening text from an unknown contact, warning him that he had messed with the wrong people and had a $5,000 bounty on his head. Soon after, they started a crystal clean out, heading to a coke factory along the Alamo Sea. They failed to get the coke from the Mexicans, as Jacob was injured while trying to make off with the meth. They retried the mission, hoping to successfully capture the cocaine. The two snuck up around the shore, and although Mark was wounded, Jacob and Mark got $10,000 for stealing the package, and they gave it to Trevor Phillips' trailer. 

He then killed a man who had destroyed his car with a helicopter missile, after due deliberation, and won back his $1,000 bounty. The man had killed two policemen who tried to corner him on the La Mesa rooftop near the highway, so Jacob got a headshot. They continued to rob stores, and befriended a man named Anthony, who became a member of their outfit. 

Trevor Phillips

After months of stickups at stores, he was called by a man named Ron Jakowski, who told him that his friend Trevor Phillips was angry at him and that he needed to see him. Mendelhaus drove to Sandy Shores, where he was told by Trevor to fix the businesses that he had messed up, including his. After leaving, he was later contacted by Ron, who told him that he needed to head to a scrapyard and hold off as many guards as he could. Aided by Mark, he was able to reach three waves before being wounded; the two gained lots of money and ammunition for other weapons.

Martin Madrazo

Later, Jacob was contacted by Mexican "businessman"/drug cartel leader Martin Madrazo, who told him that they could be either good friends or Madrazo would have his dogs eat Jacob's entrails. He told him of people who messed with him, allowing him to perform gang attacks against certain criminal organizations such as Rednecks, "Professionals" (former Navy SEALs), Vagos, and Ballas. 

A day later, Gerald Ward contacted him about a cocaine deal by the Ballas in Roger's Scrapyard in La Puerta, so Mendelhaus crashed the deal, stole the cocaine, and brought it back to Gerald, getting $1,250 for the job. As he left, he headed to a gang attack in Compton, killing 15 Ballas and escaping the police, although he did not find the hidden crates with money. He made most of his money through "survival" missions in which he and his father would hold off waves of enemies and collect advanced weapons.

Working for Martin Madrazo[]

Julio Aplin dead

He later came into contact with Madrazo again, and assassinating District Attorney Julio Aplin for him. Jacob proceeded to find more jobs under Madrazo, gaining more and more money for assassinating people willing to testify against him as an "out of court settlement". Mendelhaus was one of few people who knew of Madrazo's buying of a stilted house in Beverly Hills for his mistress Natalia Zverovna; Madrazo initially claimed that she was a work assistant, but later asked Mendelhaus not to tell anyone of the affair. He also aided Gerald Ward in stealing a gas tanker in Little Seoul and gave it to Lamar Davis to sell to a buyer. Mendelhaus headed to the gas station and drove away in the tanker (while evading security and the LAPD), taking it to a depot in Murrieta Heights, where it was stashed and awaited a buyer. Mendelhaus gained over $3,000 for the job.

He narrowly escaped a bounty on his life after stealing a white van, with his pursuers chasing him to outside of the city (they died when their car drove off a hill and into busy traffic, causing an explosion). However, he was wounded when his Cargobob helicopter crashed while chasing one of Lester's targets, and the target contract was called off.

Joe Florence

Encinas Cartel members

Mendelhaus gained $5,630 after taking care of juror Joe Florence in another attempted persecution of Madrazo, his fifth target in Madrazo's hit missions. Mendelhaus took care of the evidence, gaining a high sum of money from the job. After wiping out the Encinas Cartel for Gerald, he did his first mission for Lester; stealing a black communications van from the Hon Triad, gaining $6,250.

In the aftermath of these jobs, Mendelhaus braced himself for another tank rampage as a street criminal used a Rhino Tank taken from Fort Zancudo to attack the people of the city. Mendelhaus succeeded in destroying the tank once with two sticky bombs, but another tank arrived, and while he had a bounty on his head for stealing a car, he was wounded when his car was blown up by missiles from a Buzzard attack helicopter (after having successfully evaded several missiles) on the highway near the airport.

Esteban Urdiales

A day later, he delivered a red six-person van to Terminal on Elysium Island, where Simeon Yetarian would pay him for the van. Its right tail-light was damaged, and the car was not exactly in good condition, but Mendelhaus gained over $5,000 when he delivered the vehicle to the garage at Terminal/Buccaneer's Way. The next morning he interrupted a drug deal between The Lost MC and Vagos behind the Vanilla Unicorn in Mission Row, killing Vagos OGs Esteban Urdiales and Claudio Casagrande in the shootout. He gained $1,875 from the contract, with Gerald paying him for the cocaine.

Eventually, Lamar Davis also developed negative views of The Lost MC. Via cell phone, he informed Jacob that The Lost MC were "rabblerousing" in the graveyard at Pacific Bluffs. The OGs, who wanted the Lost gone for a while before, would benefit from taking them out all at once. Mendelhaus drove to the cemetery and killed all of the bikers there, and was given $6,250 as a reward for his services.

Nestor Losada

Soon after, he was sent by Gerald on a new mission: to keep his friend Stanley safe as a lookout tip during a drug deal with the Vagos in Rancho. He rescued Stanley and killed all of the Vagos at the meet, and Gerald texted him, ordering him to destroy the Vagos' rides and kill their leader Nestor Losada. Mendelhaus swung by Gerald's apartment and grabbed a Jerry Can and body armor and headed to gang territory. He destroyed all four Vago cars and chased down Losada, gunning him down.

Afterwards, at 7:40 PM, Mendelhaus shot up the rear of an armored car and took over $4,000 in bags of cash, escaping the police. He continued with his string of robberies and stole thousands of dollars from several cash registers. He teamed up with his father later in the day, and his jobs were to steal cocaine from The Lost MC and Vagos in a deal under the Del Perro Pier, reposess a car from a Ballas gangster, and survive several waves of The Lost MC on the pier's fairgrounds.

Joseph Seawright

The next day, Mendelhaus participated in another raid on a The Lost MC-Vagos drug deal behind the Vanilla Unicorn, gaining $1,880 after killing biker Joseph Seawright and the Vagos and bikers. After he left Gerald's apartment he wandered into Grove Street, Ballas turf, where he accidentally provoked female gang member Lexi Wiley, forcing him to shoot her in the face and kill her boyfriend Wyatt Marton. He was gunned down after killing two more Ballas, and was sent to the hospital.

Bobby Lewton

After taking his revenge on the Ballas by wiping out their whole crew on Grove Street, he was sent by Gerald to stick up some Ballas and Vagos making a deal at the Los Santos State Gas Company in Banning. He killed Ballas OG Bobby Lewton and Vagos OG Saul Ortuno (and his girlfriend Presta Sarmiento) and stole the product, before killing Cesaro Fuente's reinforcements and returning to Gerald's apartment to collect his reward.

Cooper Fausett

A day later Jacob was sent by Simeon to reclaim a Baller from the Ballas gang, parked next to the Grove Street Garage in Davis. He killed Cooper Fausett and drove the car back to Simeon's dealership, and gained $2,500 for the job. Later, Lester contacted him, telling him that he had a need to thin out the police in Los Angeles. Mendelhaus was sent to go to police stations and cause chaos, and Lester supplied him with grenades and an armored car in order to cause chaos. He and his father failed the mission, and quit.

His father later invited him to a Lester contact mission where they had to steal a plane from a rival crew in Paleto Bay and take it to the Sandy Shores airfield. They fought through a crew of Professionals, and stole an Air Herler from the Paleto Bay beach. They landed it at Sandy Shores after eliminating the police presence there, and escaped with the plane and product. 

Ron Jakowski

Soon, he made contact with Ron Jakowski, who told him that the TPE owned a gas station near Ace Liquor, and although it was not used much, its tanks could be full if he stole a The Lost MC tanker from Harmony. He killed the bikers and got $6,250 for bringing the tanker back to Ace Liquor.

The next day, Mendelhaus resumed working for Gerald, gaining $1,250 for breaking up a deal between Ballas OGs Shea Grimble and Willie Coomber and the Professionals dealer London Hotchkin. He also helped two other people defend El Burro Heights' oil fields from private security contractors, as the contractors did not want anybody to find out what they were doing. Mendelhaus and the two other gangsters gunned down several security guards, defeating many ambushes and protecting the fields. He often took cover inside of a dumpster, so that he had cover from all sides, but as the waves went on and on, he found himself surrounded by people with weapons from carbines to M60s and other Light Machine-Guns. Reaching wave 7, he got $8,500 as a reward.

James Chang

Around this time, he was joined by Bob Smith, also from New Jersey. Smith completed the introduction to Los Angeles missions from Lamar and Gerald, and Mendelhaus became a close associate of his; the two shared money, and by then Mendelhaus had over $103,000. Later, Mendelhaus killed a target for Lester for a reward of $7,200: he shot James Chang in West Hollywood.

Jevon Checkley

Later, he hosted a job where he would steal drugs from some Sandy Shores drug dealers before they reached their allies, The Lost MC, and bring it to Trevor Phillips. He chased two bikers from Hookie's Diner down the trail around Mt. Chiliad, and killed the courier Jevon Checkley when he turned around, delivering the meth to Trevor and getting paid.

Then, Trevor sent him to deal with the new Lost MC crystal factory on the other side of the Alamo Sea and bring the crank to his trailer. He wiped out the factory crew in Galilee under August Study and took over 20 minutes chasing a speedboat from the Alamo, but he eventually gunned down the driver, took the meth, and gained over $6,000 in payment.

Shortly after completng the mission, Ron told him that Trevor wanted him to test out some new equipment, but he could not deliver it to his door due to the feds, so they would have airdrops in random places. Since the equipment was highly sought-after, he would have to fight with others to get his hands on the supplies. 

Prosperity Street Marabuntas

Soon after, Martin Madrazo told him to ambush an FBI team at a parking lot in Mission Row, as they gained useful information on him and he wanted Jacob to retrieve the files for him. The FBI and Professionals were dealing documents there, so he would have to kill the two forces. With two other people, he proceeded on the mission. He was wounded along with another man, so the last remaining man wiped out the team and headed to steal the documents in the Grand Senora Desert, where they were stashed. When the man delivered the papers to Madrazo, the team gained $18,750 for the job.

When he headed to the Sandy Shores airfield he became the enemy of two chopper crews, and sought revenge for each time they wounded him. Near Mount Chiliad's base he tried to get his revenge, but he failed, and eventually left for the city again. Now in peace, he decided to go for a BMX bike ride. As he rode through Prosperity Street in Vespucci Canals, he met the Prosperity Street Marabuntas set and wiped them out in a gang attack, also gaining $500 from a chest. 

Halie Durall

Shortly after, Martin Madrazo had him assassinate a former friend of his, Halie Durall, who was talking to a District Attorney at the Viceroy Hotel, betraying him. He was paid $12,500 for tracking her car down to Davis, where he shot her dead before she could reach the hotel.

At evening, he cruised around and did tricks on his BMX Bicycle, jumping on top of people's cars. He even completed one of 50 stunt jumps by jumping through the torii in Little Seoul, using the steps as a ramp, and going straight through to the Vespucci Canals street. He then killed Shayne Antley for a reward from Lester.

El Estupido

Eventually, he moved to Paleto Bay with his father, and they became next-door neighbors. He assisted in saving Martin Madrazo's cousin El Estupido from the Blaine County Sherriff's Department at the Donkey Punch Family Farm in Paleto Forest and took him to McKenzie Field for an airlift, and gained $11,000 for the job.

Shortly after, he took in a new gangster named Huang Chen, a former Triad from San Francisco who wanted a new job. He shared his bank account with Huang, and he became a capo. Mendelhaus operated from Paleto with his father and eventually fought against the Rockford Mexican Gang and Rockford Cuban Gang during the Rockford War, having been attacked while visiting Los Angeles' Rockford Hills neighborhood. Mendelhaus and his father killed many of the rival gangsters in a gang conflict, the biggest one so far.

Since the war, Mendelhaus continued his operations from Paleto Bay. He worked together with his father on some occasions, including a few contact missions, bounty hunting, and store-robbing. Mendelhaus visited Los Angeles repeatedly because it was still full of business opportunities, contacting Lester, Gerald, Martin, and other people within the main city for more missions. The mission payments soon became levelled with the amount of time and effort needed to complete them, so he was able to gather a large stream of income from them. With this money, he was able to purchase expensive weapons like the Marksman Rifle, C4, and Carbine Rifle and buy lots of ammunition for them.

Gabriel Alvarado

One day, he headed over to La Mesa, where he killed 10 Merryweather mercenaries under Gabriel Alvarado and stole $500. He stole $1,000 after robbing a gas station and hid in the sewer before leaving for more money. Later, he headed to the railroad tracks at La Mesa and killed a group of The Lost MC, and he proceeded to an Alta construction site, where he killed a group of 25 Professionals. He then did a job for Martin Madrazo, killing a DA for him and taking his papers back to Martin. He was paid $8,050 for the hit contract, a decent wage for his duty.

Later, he met up with his father for a few jobs. His first job was taking part in an attack on The Lost MC in a graveyard in northern Los Angeles with his father, getting rid of the rabble-rousers. He got $6,700 for the job, as did his father. His father failed to track down a bounty, but they were given a mission to take out six targets by Martin shortly after. He was given $1,750 for a failed attempt to carry out the task, and he accepted a mission from Gerald to recover Families gangster Leroy from the Ballas, who held him hostage in a van. They gained a few thousand for their role in the job, and they also stole cocaine from a deal between The Lost MC and the Vagos behind the Vanilla Unicorn strip club. For this job, he was given $4,330. They did an attack on The Lost MC in the graveyard again, wiping out the rabblerousers in the cemetery. He got $4,700 for this job, and took part in a survival at the Paleto Bay Sawmill against some hillbilly criminals who wanted to guard their meth lab there. He survived up to four waves, and got $4,000. Shortly after, Jacob and his father stole an RV filled with meth from Liquor Ace, one of Trevor Phillips Enterprises' fronts. They boosted the caravan and dropped it off with some of Gerald's men at Home Depot off the Grand Senora Freeway. However, shortly after they accepted Ron Jakowski's mission of stealing an oil tanker from The Lost MC at Harmony. The two men wiped out The Lost and their reinforcements, and they attached the tanker to the truck. They delivered the truck to the gas station for Ron, and they got $12,670 for the job. 

The next day, his father and him participated in the theft of packages from Martin Madrazo's rivals, using a helicopter to take the packages from the locations for the Madrazo Cartel. They stole a package from a cement depot (Stoner Cement Works in Harmony), defended by rednecks, a package from the Altruist Cult camp in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, one from Earl's Mini-Mart on the Senora Freeway in the Grand Senora Desert from rednecks, and one from the Fridgit Warehouse in Cypress Flats from the Los Angeles Triads. They failed to finish the mission, as Jacob was wounded and Mark was wounded twice, the second time while trying to take the package from the mini-mart. 

Jacob and Mark set out to steal some cocaine from Roger's Scrapyard from the Ballas and the Professionals, and they delivered the package to Gerald after gunning down all of the gangsters. The two of them got $2,100 for the job, scoring some easy money. The two of them later went after a crate drop, but a man who had wounded both of them earlier in a robbery got to the crate first and stole it. Instead, they headed over to Sandy Shores and killed some 25 of The Lost MC in an abandoned motel. After the two wiped out The Lost, they decided to do some work for Trevor in getting rid of a new meth factory of The Lost MC on the Alamo Sea. Jacob and Mark killed all of the bikers and stole the meth from their base, giving it to Trevor and getting $10,560 for their services. Next, they were sent by Lester to steal some marked cash from dirty cops, who had stolen it from Lester's contact. If the money could be traced back to Lester, then Lester would be in trouble. Mark and Jacob headed to La Mesa, and Lester texted them, saying that there were several ways to get into or above the alley at the crime scene. They were sent to steal dirty cash, and they ambushed the police at the crime scene. Jacob accidentally destroyed the cash with a grenade, but this actually succeeded in Lester's goals and he was given all of the $4,400. 

Shortly after, Jacob and his father set out to do a mission for Martin. The Lost MC set up a brothel in an abandoned motel in the Grand Senora Desert, and because Martin did not like how the operation was being run, he had them take out the bikers and bring the prostitute Anna to his house, where she would be looked after. The two gunned down The Lost, and Jacob was able to rescue Anna from the top floor of the motel. He rode to Martin's house with her on a bike, while Mark drove his large monster truck in hopes of assisting him in escaping. Jacob and Anna reached Madrazo's house on the motorcycle, and Madrazo took care of Anna, who left a life of prostitution. Both Mark and Jacob were paid $13,280 for the job, and they parted that night to go to sleep.

The next day, he robbed Liquor Ace and a 7/11 in Sandy Shores, before taking out a crew of Professionals at the airfield. He also entered Fort Zancudo using a Buzzard attack helicopter, but his Lazer was shot down by the air defense systems. He later stole a Maibatsu Seating 2 motorcycle from the highway along Lake Zancudo and escaped the area, and headed to the city. He performed a gang attack in Strawberry against some Ballas gangsters, killing 15 Ballas. Later, his father joined him and they took part in a job for Martin, involving the murder of a female associate of his who decided to speak with a DA about him. He blew up the car with a sticky bomb and sent a photo to Madrazo, and got $11,060 for the job. Later, the two stole some meth from Trevor in a job for Gerald, and delivered the meth to a Home Depot on the Grand Senora Freeway. The whole time, it was snowing a storm. Both were paid $6,330 for the job. Shortly after, the two decided to steal an oil tanker from Little Seoul for Lamar, and as Mark distracted the LAPD in his monster truck as Jacob delivered the tanker to a Murrieta Heights depot, and the two got $10,430.

Later that day, he headed over to his father, who was taking part in a string of store robberies along the western part of the Grand Ocean Highway on the outskirts of the Los Angeles city limits. After helping him get out of the area, he decided to work for Martin with him. One of Martin's old, old friends was arrested in Mexico and extradited to the United States, held at Fort Zancudo. It was too late to save him, so Martin had the two kill him instead. Military resistance was expected to be high, so they had to be heavily-armed. The informant escaped in a plane, so Jacob pursued it in a Lazer. However, the informant flew too far out into the Pacific for the plane to follow, and it disintegrated. He got $2,700.

Next, Jacob and Mark set out to hold off several waves of Blaine County meth dealers that attacked them in Sandy Shores, killing scores of them on the snowy night. The meth dealers' minions eventually came in with advanced weapons, but the father and son held them off for a very long time, with the two triangulating their fire against their enemies. Jacob hid in a dumpster that was backed up by a wall, and Mark took cover in a wall nearby, helping to mow down the enemy attackers. They won $30,000, and they won the battle with the meth gang, winning a survival for the first time. He later bought a home in Morningwood in western Los Angeles, trading it in for his Paleto Bay home. Later, he wiped out 20 Marabunta Grande members of the Prosperity Street Marabuntas set, killing all of them in the Vespucci Canals. The two of them also killed a man named Rafa, who repeatedly tried to kill them. They blew him up in his car in a chase in Hollywood, destroyed his helicopter as he landed it to kill them at an Ammu-Nation, and killed him after killing 15 Ballas that hung out under a bridge. He also killed 9 members of The Lost MC in La Mesa, and he took two of their three crates, with his father taking the other one. 

Banning Triads

Guillermo Terrones

When he woke up the next morning (Christmas Eve) in his new Christmas-decorated apartment, Mendelhaus set out to do some work for some money. First, he did a job for Lester, stealing a black Chinese Banning Triads van from Banning and killing all of the Triads before delivering it to Lester's warehouse - he got $11,060. Next, he attempted to work together with two other people in stealing packages for Martin, but his two associates were killed, so he only got $640 for his efforts. He decided to do work elsewhere, and called Lester to do a job. He was sent to steal some dirty money from a crime scene managed by dirty cops, and he could either destroy the money to prevent it from being traced to Lester, or he could return it to Lester. He had to drive from Sandy Shores in the snowy desert to the scene in Los Angeles, and it was a long drive. He got $2,240 for attempting the job, although he was wounded twice. Having failed to finish the hard job, he decided to steal some meth from Trevor for Gerald in Sandy Shores. He got $7,680 for the delivery, and decided to go freelance for a while.

Soon after, Jacob and Mark set out to do a job for Martin, where they destroyed seven vans of a rival operation at the Maibatsu Factory in La Mesa. They were both paid handsomely for their participation in the job, and they later took part in a job for Gerald. Gerald had them be the lookouts for a drug deal between CGF member Stanley and the Vagos in Rancho, and Jacob and Mark massacred all of the Vagos at the deal and drove Stanley and the drugs back to Gerald's apartment. They then picked up two gasoline-filled Jerry Cans at the apartment and drove to gang territory in Rancho, where they destroyed all of the Vagos gang cars and killed Guillermo Terrones. Mark then pursued fleeing gang leader Jose Garcia and killed him in the aqueduct while Jacob struggled to search for a car. Both of them gained $11,860 for the job, and they did a few more jobs before parting.

Latrell Basting

On January 7, Jacob decided to work with his father in a job for Lester, stealing a Titan transport plane that Merryweather Security wanted for themselves. The plane was guarded by Merryweather contractors at the Los Angeles International Airport's southernmost hangar. They attempted the job two times, although the second time around, the plane blew up when it hit a rock while landing at the Sandy Shores Airfield. Later on, they took a helicopter and claimed a bounty in Mirror Park before killing 20 members of The Lost MC in an East Hollywood park, including Latrell Basting. Later, he headed to Strawberry and wiped out the Strawberry Ballas in a gang attack with his father, taking $200 from the weapons cache. They also wiped out 10 Merryweather operatives in La Mesa, with Jacob killing some of his 7 kills by blowing up an explosive tank. Later, they returned to East Hollywood and killed 20 more of The Lost MC East Hollywood Chapter in the park, and Jacob collected $1,000 out of two military crates that The Lost MC had stashed there. At 21:00 on a Wednesday, they finished their collaboration for the day after wiping out a crew of Professionals in the rail yard of southern East Hollywood.

Damien Powers

Early on a Sunday morning, Mendelhaus decided to do some work for Gerald by stealing some product from the Rogers Scrapyard in La Puerta, getting $9,180 for it. When he left Gerald's apartment, he headed over to Strawberry Avenue at around 9:00 AM and killed Damien Powers and other Carson Avenue Families gangbangers. 

At 12:00 PM on a Thursday, he burgled a liquor store on Prosperity Street in Morningwood, not far from his home, stealing $970. With the police rating his wanted level at three stars, he decided to case the liquor store on San Andreas Avenue in Vespucci Canals, emptying the cash register. He escaped the police in his black Bravado Buffalo sports car after getting far away from the helicopter and avoiding police cruisers, and he lost them in West Hollywood on Eclipse Boulevard. Fixated on the thrill of robbery, he headed to a bank on Alta Street in Downtown Hollywood, and he planned out a future heist. Since the bank was closed, it was empty when he entered it. He took some time to find the way past the tellers' stalls (with bulletproof glass), using the staircase to cross to the other side. He also found the gate to the vault, but it was invincible to explosions. With this knowledge in mind, he decided to leave the bank to burgle elsewhere. He drove to Clinton Avenue in Downtown Hollywood, where he found a 7/11 convenience store. After depositing his $2,174 gained from his past two robberies, he proceeded to steal the $1,207 kept there. He evaded the helicopter and drove to an alleyway on Laguna Place in Hawick, where he lost the police. Jacob then left the alley and stole the $99 in the cash register at the Hair on Hawick barber shop, and while escaping the police, he claimed the $1,000 bounty on Kristin Numbah by blowing up her car with a sticky bomb as she carefully cruised down the road. Jacob then took his car to Carcer Way in Burton, where he repaired it, upgraded its engine and bumpers, resprayed it to Sandy Brown, bought full insurance, decreased it to sport suspension, and bought bulletproof tires, making his car a true mobster's car. He then decided to milk Los Angeles for all that it was worth, casing the lucrative Grand Ocean Highway joints. He robbed the Banham Canyon liquor store first, then took the Ineseno Road 7/11, and then the Barbarero Road 7/11 in Chumash. He only killed 2 people in the whole robbery spree, both in the last wanted level - he accidentally killed one person in a car crash and hit a cop in the tunnel near Fort Zancudo. Jacob hid out on the road to the left of the fort until his wanted level disappeared, ending his Los Angeles robbery spree.

While leaving the fort, he killed a crew of 15 Professionals on the same dirt road next to the fort in a gang attack. Then, he decided to rob some Imperial County stores. He cased the 7/11 on Joshua Road in Harmony, stealing $1,360 from the register. However, he was wasted while he made a stand against the sherriffs outside of the liquor store down the road, and when he recovered, his car was impounded and he only had $860. He then proceeded to rob the liquor store, but he was wounded when his SUV crashed and he was gunned down while climbing a hill in order to get to the airfield. He only made off with $1,564 at the end of his robberies in the Grand Senora Desert, and he decided to head to the airstrip. He took a Patriotism and Immigration Authority-marked Annihilator attack helicopter from the Sandy Shores airfield and decided to use it in his attempt to take back his car from the authorities in Rancho.

He parachuted out of his helicopter over Rancho and stole his car back from the cops, and while he was taking his car to the pay n' spray in La Mesa to get it repaired, he robbed a 7/11, only to find the register empty. Either way, he succeeded in getting to the Los Angeles Customs and repairing his car, and the fixing-up confused the cops, who let him go. He then proceeded to attack a Merryweather hideout of Popular Street in La Mesa, killing all 10 Merryweather troops and stealing their stocked cash and guns. He did the same thing to the Professionals in Cypress Flats, killing 15 of them in an alleyway and taking their money and guns.

Next, he killed three Vagos on Labor Place. After doing so, he called Gerald for a job, and he was sent to stick up a deal between the Ballas and Vagos at the Los Angeles State Gas Company. He killed all of them in a nighttime deal and stole the coke, taking it back to Gerald after killing the gang members and their reinforcements. Jacob was paid $5,740 for the job. 

After that, Martin contacted him, saying that a painting at the Kortz Center museum that he had his eye on was being shipped to Amsterdam for an exhibition. Martin was mad that it wasn't for sale, so he had Jacob steal the art before it reached the docks, escape the police, and take the art to him. He stole the van from the mercenaries, killing the two of them in the vehicle. He then escaped the Merryweather cars pursuing him and the Merryweather helicopter, and he took the van to Madrazo's lockup on Hollywood Park Drive in the Grand Senora Desert, and he was given $8,880 as payment for the job.

After that, he headed to Innocence Boulevard in Compton, entering a 7/11. He deposited his cash there, and stole 1 Meteorite bar and $1,157 from the cash register. When he stole a white Buffalo from the side of a street, the owner set a $3,000 bounty on him for stealing his/her car, so Jacob decided to go into hiding and get his own bounty. However, when he headed to the airfield, a man blew him up, and he was repeatedly wounded by Chad 21 and his friends. He decided to find a different place to carry out his criminal activities in, without those people.

Then, Martin asked him to kill the editor of the Daily Globe, who was fixated on his criminal activities, and Martin asked Jacob to take his pictures to him. First, he headed to the Daily Globe offices in Beverly Hills, where the editor was leaving in his red sports car. He shot the man in the head with his Micro-Uzi and delivered the briefcase of pictures to Martin, and he was given $8,630 when he gave the package to him. 

Efrain Quinonez

Lupe Bardas

Later that day, he joined his father for stealing a shipment of Redwood cigarettes that the Vagos were moving in. He had to jack the trailer and take it to Lamar's depot, where Lamar would lay some money on him. They drove to the El Burro Heights train yard, and as two other criminals took the trailer, Jacob and Mark both killed all of the Vagos gangsters in the train yard, including OG Efrain Quinonez and his girlfriend Lupe Bardas. When the trailer was delivered, everyone was given $10,730 by Lamar. 

Afterwards, Jacob and his father embarked on a spree of robberies, sticking up liquor stores and 7/11s. Eventually, a fellow criminal posted a bounty of $9,000 on Jacob, and Jacob and his father fled to Bel Air's hills, where they planned to make a stand. Jacob killed a squad of 10 Merryweather mercenaries sent by the man, and also killed a mugger sent to get him. Jacob proceeded to kill several SWAT and LAPD policemen sent to arrest him after he killed the mercenaries and the mugger, and he also killed one of the criminals that wanted to claim his bounty. Eventually, his bounty was claimed by a man, but he killed that man in revenge, and he blew up his car in revenge, sending him a message (he did not mind the almost-$2,000 price that he had to pay for insurance). He then decided to take a break of his robbing and his fleeing from bounties (he had three bounties posted on him in one day), and he played golf with his father. His father did not know how to play well, so the two quit, and they parted ways that afternoon.

Soon after, he met with his father to help Martin steal a Monet painting being escorted by Merryweather, and as his father held the mercenaries off at Venice Beach, he delivered the van to the lockup and he was given $9,760. Next, the two of them stole a truck from The Lost MC at the RON Alternates Wind Farm and gave it to Trevor, gaining $8,940. After that, they returned to working for Martin by collecting several cocaine packages from his rivals' delivery lines alongside his father and two other criminals, starting out with stealing one from the rednecks at the Stoner Cement Works, taking one from the Altruist Cult in their Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness fortress, a package from Earl's Mini-Mart in Sandy Shores from the rednecks, and one from the Fridgit Warehouse in Cypress Flats from the Los Angeles Triads. Jacob was wounded in the Altruist camp, and the rest were wounded when their helicopter crashed en route to the mini-mart. Later, him, his father, and another man fled from a heist in Paleto Bay while three Hunters pursued them en route to their Raton Canyon hideout. He was wounded by a Buzzard's missile during the chase, his other teammate was also gunned down, and his father died in a hevicular accident when he fell off of Mount Chiliad after his bike fell from under him. 

Nemesio Avellaneda

Mario Lascano

Judge Justin Laham

Afterwards, he killed a crew of 20 Vagos at Mount Gordo, and he killed 20 more when he rejoined his father (among the dead were soldiers Nemesio Avellaneda and Mario Lascano). Next, he decided to kill a judge in the Marlowe Valley Vineyard for Martin, as the man wanted to try Martin. They found him in the Marlowe Valley Vineyard in Tongva Hills, killing his bodyguards, and they blew his car up near Sandy Shores as he tried to flee by himself. He was given $16,830 as a reward, and next, they helped Simeon repossess a car from the Rockford Hotel. They took the car, but it crashed under the overpass on San Andreas Avenue in Pillbox Hill (trapped between green hedges and the overpass), and they fought off the police with a six-star wanted level. Although he was wounded, Mark drove the car over the hedge and drove to the auto shop, and they were both given $11,740. Next, they decided to help Lester out by stealing money from the LAPD that could be traced back to Lester. They headed to the scene of the crime on Popular Street in La Mesa, and they engaged the police in the alley. While Mark threw tear gas canisters from a rooftop at the police, Jacob mowed the police in the alley down with his machine-gun, and he recovered the cash from the alley. He escaped to the Palomino Highlands in an ambulance from the alley as his father held off the main police force and later also escaped, and he entered his father's car. They drove to the Murrieta Heights warehouse, where the cash was delivered. Jacob was paid $14,780 for the job, and he became richer. After that, he also aided in wiping out a crew of Professionals at a Little Seoul construction site. Four criminals, including Jacob and Mark, attacked the construction site, and they killed many of the Professionals. The gang boss escaped in his helicopter, forcing the two other criminals (Jacob and Mark were both wounded) to chase him down to the airport. One of the criminals took a Buzzard and tracked down the helicopter to over Sandy Shores, blowing it up and killing the gang boss; everyone was given $14,930. Later, he got $7,600 for killing a target of Lester on Galileo Road in Great Chaparral, and he escaped from bounty hunters with his father, as he had a $9,000 bounty on him. However, he was killed by the man near the bridge to Fort Zancudo, being shot as he attemted to go underneath it - he asked his father to shoot the man if he tried to kill him, but his father neglected this and let the man wound him. 

Later on, his father invited him to help him carry out a task for Trevor. Trevor wanted them to hack Merryweather's servers at the Sandy Shores Airfield and bomb their bases across Blaine County to stop Ron from getting nervous. After taking out the Merryweather defenses at the airfield using a Buzzard, Jacob hacked the computer, finding out the location of the Merryweather outposts. They bombed one in the Hollywood Hills and another in Grapeseed, and the four of them were paid $14,410 for their services. After that, Ron asked them to bring a The Lost MC oil tanker back to Trevor's place in Harmony, where he could sell the oil. While Mark took the tanker to the location, Jacob covered him on a bike, and the two of them were paid $7,200 for the successful theft. 

Saul Alcoser

Benedicto Quijada

Days later, Jacob left his apartment in hopes of getting more work and earning more money. He first mugged a liquor store on Prosperity Street in Morningwood, stealing $1,137. Next, he headed to San Andreas Avenue in Vespucci Canals, where he robbed Rob's Liquor and took $1,114 from the cash register. Both times, he evaded the police, and only one woman was killed - in the first robbery, he knocked her down against the door of the store, and the glass on the door broke, cutting her face and killing her. He was later wounded by Paintrain 57, who threw a sticky bomb at his car and blew it up for no reason. He pursued him to his apartment on Avenue Del Perro in Beverly Hills, before chasing him around the city to South Mo Milton Drive in Beverly Hills, along a street on a hillside. Jacob was pursued by the police, but he filled Paintrain with lead from his AK-47 before leaving the area, deciding to head to participate in crimes with a different group of criminals. After heading to a Del Perro Suburban store and buying some high-life clothing, Mendelhaus headed over to Prosperity Street/Imagination Court in Vespucci Canals, where he took part in a gang attack against the Marabunta Grande gang. He killed Saul Alcoser and Benedicto Quijada along with 18 other MBG gangsters, and he stole their weapons and ammo. He also took a silver Maibatsu Penumbra from the alley and drove it to a pay n' spray near the airport, where he sold it to Simeon for $2,400. 

Wang Tong Lee

Chun Teng Long

Later that day, he visited his father to take part in some criminal activities. His father picked him up in a Buzzard attack helicopter, and the two of them chased a bounty target (Beatzvocalist) to the hills of Pacific Bluffs. However, he shot the helicopter down with a rocket launcher, and they were wounded. He was later wounded near the bridge to Fort Zancudo by him, who stole a jet, but he escaped him with his father when they accepted a job invite by Martin. Martin wanted them to kill a newspaper editor who was attempting to publish his corruption, and they drove to the Daily Globe offices in Downtown near the freeway. Jacob killed the editor in his red Voltic sports car and took his pictures, and Jacob and Mark entered the car. They drove to Hillcrest Avenue in Beverly Hills, where they gave the suitcase of photos to Martin. The two of them were given $9,490, and they decided to do a job for Lester. This time, they had to steal a black surveillance van from the Triads in Banning, and deliver it to Lester's warehouse, as it was creepy that the Triads could pull private information out of the air. They killed gangsters Wang Tong Lee and Chun Teng Long, and they stole the mobile data center. They got around $2,500 for the job.

Next, they decided to steal a blue Jackal and a yellow Coquette for Simeon, which they did alongside another criminal. They set out to recover the two cars separately, and Jacob pursued the yellow Coquette from Strawberry (where he reached for the handle of the car, but the driver sped off) up to the highway (in the outermost reaches of Vinewood Hills, near the border with Blaine County), where he was wounded by a SWAT van that was pursuing him due to his wanted level. His father attempted to help him with the first car, but later went after the second car when the other criminal decided to quit the job. Jacob's wounding left only his father to steal both cars, and he was killed by the police while delivering the blue Jackal to the cops. They both got $4,530 for the job.

Rhys Murphy

Spencer Edwards

Next, they decided to do a job for Lester in taking out a crew at the Davis Quartz quarry and steal a truck with explosives that they wanted for a bank job. They took out Rhys Murphy and Spencer Edwards along with their crew, and they stole the two vans from the quarry, delivering them to Lester, who stored the bombs for a rainy day. 

After that, they decided to hold off some police in Legion Square in a survival, with two other criminals aiding them. They held off several waves of LAPD, and reached wave 9, giving them all $14,400. After that, they headed to Signal Hill, killing 40 Vagos in two gang attacks, including Ciro Aldrete and Manolo Maravilla. He later befriended a person named Hi FaZe, and decided to have him in his pocket if he ever needed a person to carry out a heist with him. The three of them fought off MigZ in a scrapyard in the northern outskirts of the city, and they killed him many times. However, he left them shortly after suddenly, and the two of them were on their own. Jacob took Mark to a clothing store in Strawberry, where he introduced him to "The Panther", his suit outfit with shades. 

After that, they cruised in a black Karin Asterope, but their old enemy MigZ apeared in Pillbox Hill and wounded him. Jacob decided to call Lamar, who sent a mugger after MigZ. Lamar told him that the cavalry was on the way and the man wouldn't even know what hit him, and the man approached him. The mugger was unable to get him, so Lamar gave Jacob his $1,000 back. He later took a Fathom FQ-2 SUV and resprayed it, and he delivered the car to Simeon at the docks for cash. He delivered the car to Terminal, and he got $4,109. Next, he got a slicked-back haircut, and shaved his stubble to look more youthful, while his father also got a haircut. Ater that, he bought a garage (Unit 2 Popular Street) in Rancho, as his garage in his apartment was too small to store more than two vehicles, and he needed the space for his other cars. After that, his father and him killed a crew of Ballas under the Olympic Freeway, and he stole $1,399 from an LTD Gas Station near Grove Street, with his father acting as getaway driver. They evaded the police by using the incomplete subway tunnel entrance in Downtown, where they drove in Jacob's beige Bravado Buffalo sports car and lost their wanted level. Soon after, Mark purchased a green Buffalo that they picked up, taking it to a pay n' spray near the airport. After that, they did an impromptu race to the coast of the Palomino Highlands, and Mark won for once. They did a gang attack at a drug drop-off on the shore against the Professionals, but the police arrived, so they escaped on jetskis. Mark was wounded and healed near the wind farms, while Jacob camped out on an island that had a ruined house. He asked a Merryweather helicopter to take him to his father, paying $1,000 for it to give him a lift to the mainland from the desolate outlying islands. Shortly after, his father and him decided to part ways, as it was nearly midnight. Jacob returned to his safehouse, where he got some sleep.

On 10 March, he was contacted by Lester on his cell phone, and he was informed that heists were now available. When he awoke in his apartment, Trevor called him, telling him that some unauthorized planes were moving guns over his airspace, and told him that he would pay him to shoot them down for him. Soon after, Lester told him that he was running a service for stick-up crews, and if he maid noise over there, nobody would notice the sticup crew making noise elsewhere. Lester told him to make as much trouble as he could for as long as he needed, drawing the cops to him, and he would get paid for his services. Also, Gerald texted him, telling him that the drug market was flooded, so he would pay him to destroy the dealers' stashes in their cars to create artificial scarcity. 

Next, he bought a high-end garage in La Mesa by accident, replacing his old apartment. He only had $8,000, losing almost all of his hard-earned money. Because he did not have enough money to buy an apartment, he decided to earn it back by working for several friends. He helped Martin with a problem involving The Lost MC's brothel in Sandy Shores, which was not properly run - if it did not meet up to standards, the police would find out about it and crack down on prostitution across southern California. Along with another criminal, they shot up the brothel and took the prostitute Anna to Martin. Jacob delivered her on a Hexer, and he was given $13,280 for the job, and reached his sixty-third rank.

Pacho Maya

Toro Picon

After that, Jacob andthe other man added some other criminals to their group and decided to ambush a deal between the Vagos and their Mexican professional connects at the Los Angeles State Gas Company in Cypress Flats. Jacob arrived at the gunfight later than everyone else, killing only one person. The ambush left the Vagos leader Pacho Maya, Professionals leader Toro Picon, and all of their men dead. Jacob then aided in getting the product to Gerald, and he was given $5,070 for his job.

Next, they accepted another job from Gerald, rescuing the "homie" Stanley from a Vagos ambush in Florence-Firestone at a failed drug deal. The other people left the job early on, so he rounded up a new crew of criminals. They rescued Stanley and took him back to Gerald's, where they picked up Jerry Cans. Next, they blew up the Vagos cars in Florence, and killed Rodrigo Alcaraz as he fled into the LA River. He was paid $10,160 for the assassination.

Jacob proceeded to meet up with three other criminals to work for Lester. He had to go to Las Lagunas Blvd., where he would steal FBI cars used to pull private information from home wi-fi networks. They headed to an alley in Downtown Hollywood, where a man hacked the terminal. They held off the police while he hacked the terminal, but he later left. Another man left, and eventually, the third man drove out of the alley and deserted Jacob. They were paid $2,810 for their failed mission.

Jacob looking at the Rashkovsky photo

Following the failure of the mission, Jacob decided to return to free roaming, and hoped to do some jobs for better payment. He completed a $5,000 bounty while he left the point for the mission, and made himself available for the Fleeca bank heist. However, he found out that there was a planned prison break to free Maxim Rashkovsky from prison alongside three other men, and they entered his apartment. Rashkovsky was a professor with three doctorates who worked with the US Army, but he was arrested for the crime of treason. However, the man offered to pay, so Crest decided to bust him out. The heist planner spoke to the men in the apartment, and they planned out the breakout. They had to steal the inmate transfer schedule from the Mission Row police station, a prison bus from Paleto Bay, and a plane from the Vagos. However, while in the planning stages of the heist, Mendelhaus was dropped from the scheme, and was forced back into unemployment. He then joined a job where he would help a man of higher level out with stealing a Kuruma armored car for the Fleeca bank job, another rendition of the heist that he wanted. They met up with Lester, and his hacker Paige Harris set up the board planning the heist. They were told to respect the heist leader, who would decide the cuts and other things. They were told to steal the armored car, jacking it from a Korean crew. However, the owner left the crew again, and he was again unemployed.

The next night, he met with his father, who agreed to make a cash grab with him so that Jacob could buy a high-end apartment and the two could take part in heists. First, he killed Veto Vidales and a crew of 14 other Vagos in a Signal Hill rail yard, and he teamed up with his father to kill 15 Professionals in an alleyway in Signal Hill. Next, they robbed a gas station in Strawberry, but he was killed; his car was impounded. He stole it back from the impound on Innocence Boulevard, and they escaped to the country. They drove to the Tataviam Mountains, where he headed to a rest stop in his Tornado 1950s car. He bought a flare gun and a Grenade Launcher, costing him all but around $3,000. He then took $1,871 from a 7/11, but he lost $50 after he was injured by police following his father's injury, and his car was impounded again. The two of them headed to the airfield and bailed out over Strawberry, and Jacob rescued his car, before calling Lester to get rid of his wanted level for $400.

With only around $6,000, Jacob decided to host a job for some quick cash. He invited his father and other criminals to take part in the job, and he gained a crew of four men. They ambushed a deal between the Vagos and Ballas at the Cypress Flats gas company factory, and Jacob provided sniper support from a bridge over the gas company. Another man collected the coke, and delivered it to Gerald. All four of them were paid $11,930 for the job. Next, they decided to steal some meth from the Vagos and The Lost MC under the pier in Venice Beach after gunning down all of the bikers and gangsters, and they delivered it to Gerald, getting $8,950 each.

The next job was to take a Titan airplane defended by Merryweather from the airport and deliver it to Martin Madrazo's buyers at the Sandy Shores Airfield. They killed all of the mercenaries, and Jacob flew the plane to the airfield, and each of them were given $15,160. Next, they decided to steal an RV from Trevor that had a stash of methamphetamine stored in it, and they delivered it to a Home Depot on the highway to Gerald's associates. Everyone was paid $5,990 for the mission. Then, they crashed another deal between the Ballas and Vagos, and they delivered the coke to Gerald, who awarded everyone $5,970. 

Next, they embarked on a serious mission: taking out a list of Ballas leaders for Gerald, with the men scattered across southern California. They had to take out Big T, Little T, Small F, and Terrance, who were all around the counties. They headed to the New Do Barber Shop in Mirror Park first, and Jacob killed Big T and several rednecks. Next, another man took out Little T as he left a water treatment plant on the highway along the Grand Senora Desert. The four then headed to Baytree Canyon Road off the Redwood Lights Track, where Small F was at a drug deal with some rednecks. They succeeded in getting him, and Jacob killed Terrance in the motel in Sandy Shores. All of them were given $17,140 for the job. Their next job was also for Gerald, and they had to steal some product from a meeting between the Ballas and The Professionals at Rogers' Scrapyard in La Puerta. They crashed the deal and stole the cocaine, and they returned the product to Gerald, where they received $2,980 each. After that, they headed into free mode, and they wiped out some Carson Avenue Families members. By the end, Jacob had a few hundred dollars more than $75,000, 38% of the way towards getting a high-end apartment and doing some heists. 

Two days later, he reunited with his father after shooting up 15 Ballas under an overpass in Strawberry. Later, he rescued his father from a Bunker Hill construction site, killing 30 professionals with him, and he drove his father away after he robbed a Strawberry 7/11 store on Innocence Boulevard. They escaped to Grapeseed after the Sandy Shores Airfield had no planes or helicopters, and when they found no planes or helicopters there, they were wounded. They decided to take out a target for Lester, but by the time they reached Hollywood Hills, he was no longer interested. The two then went on a robbery spree along the coast using an Annihilator, and its rotors were later blown off, and they crashed in the Pacific. Both were wounded in the water, but they later returned to land. They completed their burglary spree, with Jacob getting $930 (as a result of his many injuries from cops). 

Later, they fled to the beach and Jacob escaped the cops through the canals on a speedboat, and they killed 20 Mara Buntas in Venice Canals on Prosperity Street. After that, they headed to the area near the GWC and Golfing Society to kill a bounty, but he hid out in his apartment. They decided to steal an orange Dominator from Signal Hill for Simeon, but they had to kill several Vagos first. Along with "Derpy Man", they killed the Vagos and took the car, and delivered it to Simeon. Simeon thanked them, and they gave all of the men $9,300 for the job.

Next, they did another job with Derpy Man and two other criminals, where they were supposed to work for Martin in finding out about some guys selling "too-pure coke". They started out by leaving one of their allies' apartment on South Mo Milton Drive in Beverly Hills, before heading to a drug deal in Watts, where they killed all of the Professionals there. Next, they checked the GPS of one of the Professionals' vans, and they found out the location of their base. They tracked them down to the oil rigs in Signal Hill, where they killed all of the guards and hacked the mainframe; however, only one criminal was left after Mark, Jacob, and two other criminals were wounded. The last man headed to the LAX Airport hangar, but he blew himself up for no reason when he was asked to take the coke, and they were all given $5,970. They decided to re-do the job, killing the men at the deal in Watts, tracing the supplier to Signal Hill, and heading to the airport to find the smuggling ring at the hangar. They took out all of the men there, and stole the duffel bag of cocaine (he also picked up several packets, worth $500 each). The coke was delivered, and everyone got $23,870 for the job. Their last job for the day was breaking a drug deal between the Ballas and the Vagos at the Los Angeles State Gas Company in Cypress Flats for Gerald. They crashed the deal and killed the gangsters, and they delivered the cocaine to Gerald at his apartment. Gerald gave each of them $5,970. 

It was several months before Mendelhaus returned to action when Dynasty 8 slashed property prices, and he decided to search out a high-end apartment from which to plan and execute heists. He bought a high-end apartment in Del Perro, and Lester called him, telling him that he had a proposition to him. Mendelhaus headed to Lester's warehouse, Darnell Bros, where Lester told him that he maybe was ready to do "real work". He told him that he would be in contact about job opportunities, and Jacob entered his new apartment for the first time. Lester called him there, saying that if he wanted the work, he would call him any minute.

Mendelhaus, with Del Perro in the background

Alfonso Silverio

Cid Castaneda

Owen Daniels

Every time that Jacob tried to contact others for a heist, they dropped out of the plan, so he decided to make some money in the old-fashioned way: jobs, bounties, and gang attacks. He killed a man with a sticky bomb in Downtown Hollywood a drive-by for $5,000, and he took $1,829 in a quick robbery of a 7/11 in Little Seoul before losing the LAPD at the construction site. He then headed to Hair on Hawick and got a long slicked haircut, and he headed to the Rob's Liquor store on Prosperity Street in Morningwood, and he robbed the place; however, he was shot three times with the owner's shotgun as he entered his car, wounding him and leaving his car impounded. He robbed a Rob's Liquor in Del Perro of $1,856 but was eventually injured by police in Little Seoul. He stole his car back from the impound and escaped the police at the airport by flying away in a Cargobob, making a few robberies before he was again injured by the cashier. He eliminated a gang of Marabuntas led by Alfonso Silverio, Cid Castaneda, Emanuel Cerrato, Bembe Campoverde, and Renato Prados on Prosperity Street in La Puerta before he was whacked twice by people claiming his bounties for stealing vehicles. He hired a mugger to rob criminal "Bad Intent" when he kept on shooting at Jacob unprovoked, but the mugger was killed, and Lamar called him, telling him that he got away and that he knew some crazy people. Jacob escaped the police after robbing the Rob's Liquor in Morningwood, and he arrived at his apartment. He later headed to the tattoo parlor and got Gabriel and a woman on his left arm and his crew emblem and a "death before dishonor" cross on his right. He killed a crowd of TV fans outside of the store and stole their money, and he killed Owen Daniels in an alleyway when he pursued him with LAPD. He lost all but $325 when he destroyed a rival's car, so he decided to work for Gerald. Gerald got knowledge on a boat loaded with brown tar that the Vagos brought up from Mexico that was sitting low in the water. He hired Jacob to get it from them at Chumash and bring it to the people by the bridge at Lago Zancudo, but there would be guards on land and sea. Jacob set out with three other criminals, and they headed to the pier, where they killed Ignacio Veron. However, one of the criminals blew up the boat, ending the mission in failure and leaving Jacob with only $2,000 as a reward.


On May 16th 2020 he was attacked by multiple Vagos on his way home. He fought hard but one Vagos leader shot him in the head leaving a fatal wound. Mendelhaus was rushed to the Davis Hospital but was decleared dead shortly after his arrival. The German Mafia sweared revenge on the Vagos.