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Jersey City is a US city located in northeastern New Jersey, with a population of 300,000. The city is on the New Jersey Watefront, across the Hudson River from New York City's neighborhoods of Morningside Heights and Central Park West


Jersey City was founded in 1623 by the Dutch, who settled the area of Manhattan and northeastern New Jersey, and when the British conquered the area in 1667, they renamed it Jersey City after their state of New Jersey, in turn named after the island of Jersey. The city has a high population of Caucasians, Hispanics, and Koreans, with the Pegorino crime family, Pavano crime family, Ancelotti crime family, Spanish Lords, and Korean Mob having a strong presence there. It was also heavily influenced by the Soprano crime family, who were powerful on the waterfront. 

The city is divided into three main neighborhoods: Riverside, Downtown, and Koreatown. Riverside is the port which, along with Koreatown, is controlled by the Jopok, although the Spanish Lords are also seen riding in vans in Koreatown (sometimes with some Korean gangsters). Meanwhile, Downtown is an Italian Mafia center. The city is connected to New York by the George Washington Bridge, heading into Morningside Heights. It is divided by the Hudson River.