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Jewish mobsters in New Yor, 2008

The Jewish Mob are several criminal organizations that operate around America. They are mainly made up of European or Israeli Jews, even though some Italians and other ethnicities are recorded to be a part of these groups. The most famous mobsters were casino mogul Bugsy Siegel, who was the founder of Murder Inc.; Meyer Lansky, who aided Siegel in his rise to fame and power; Hyman Roth, the kingpin of Jewish crime in the 1930s-50s; and Abe Reles, who was the Canary Who Could Sing, But Couldn't Fly.


The Jewish Mob's roots began in the late nineteenth century when Monk Eastman founded the Eastman Gang, which fought the Five Points Gang of Italian mobster Paul Kelly. With political changes in Europe, many Jews (primarily from Russia, Germany, and Poland) immigrated to the USA. Among the immigrants were Meyer Lansky, Abraham Rothstein, and Joseph Rosenzweig. They either would become/gave birth to famous Jewish mobsters. Famous mobsters include Bugsy Siegel, Arnold Rothstein, Meyer Lansky, Joe the Greaser, Hyman Roth, and Moe Greene. Most were killed (Siegel, Rothstein, Roth, and Greene) in wars with the Italians, Irish, or other Yiddish gangs. But they would build several casinos, creating Las Vegas as we know it.