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Joseph "Joey" Leone is the inactive Underboss of the Leone crime family, son of Don Salvatore Leone (who died in 2001). Leone currently runs a garage in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and does not partake in family activities, aside from attending important meetings with Capo Toni Cipriani and Soldier Luigi Goterelli


Leone was born on April 19, 1968, the son of Salvatore Leone and his wife Maria Bucci. Joey was the eldest son of Leone, and was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Leone's childhood was filled with wealth, his father taking him to racing shows, and Leone developed an interest in driving and fixing cars. He was also brought to the Red Light District on more than one occasion, and he developed a love for Misty Gurney, one of the prostitutes there. Leone eventually stopped working as a mobster and started working as a mechanic at a garage in Red Hook, but he attended important meetings and paid his father some money that he kicked back from his line-of-work.

Leone's business took off in the 1990s, sending former (and later) Grove Street Families gangster Carl Johnson to steal cars for his auto parts shop. Johnson eventually stopped working for him and returned to Los Angeles for his mother's funeral, but Joey's shop remained successful, with "Pops Capo" Toni Cipriani assisting him. In 2001, Claude Speed started working with him in desparate need of money, and Speed was responsible for the death of Mike Forelli, Lee Chong, and a van heist, stealing all of the payroll van's money. During this time, he killed a number of Forelli crime family mobsters and Claude hid one of the bodies, driving it to Harwood Crushers, where the car and body were smashed.

Leone broke off his relationship with Speed when the latter shot Don Leone on orders from the Yakuza boss Asuka Kasen, and was passed over as boss by the more-able Cipriani, whom Salvatore called more of a son than the idle Joey. Joey Leone is not considered a threat to the FBI and he is not wanted for any charges.