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John Tattaglia
Biographical Information
Aliases Johnny
Gender Male
Born March 6, 1902 Monreale, Palermo, Sicily
Died 1991 September 15
Beavercreek, Ohio usa ( 89 )
Affiliation Tattaglia.png Tattaglia
Title(s) Underboss

John "Johnny" Tattaglia was an Underboss of the Tattaglia crime family. The son of Don Philip Tattaglia, Johnny Tattaglia was also the older brother of fellow underboss Bruno Tattaglia. He was killed in 1948 while planning a bloodbath against the Corleone crime family.


Aldo Trapani whacks Johnny Tattaglia.

John Tattaglia was the son of Philip Tattaglia and the brother of Bruno Tattaglia, and he was of full Sicilian descent. Tattaglia became an underboss of the Tattaglia crime family, and he was one of the men that Corleone crime family acting Don Sonny Corleone wanted to assassinate in 1946 after his father Vito Corleone was hospitalized by Tattaglia assassins. However, he called off the assassination of Johnny, Bruno, and his father; this still did not stop him from whacking Mikey Saleri and Donnie Marinelli, the two men who shot his father, and Sonny and his soldato Aldo Trapani whittled down the Tattaglias during the Sollozzo Intrigue of 1945-46 and the Five Families War of 1946-1948. After the death of family consigliere Freddie Nobile, Johnny Tattaglia decided to plan a large counterattack against the Corleones. However, Corleone capo Salvatore Tessio found out of Johnny's intentions and sent Trapani to whack him.


Trapani headed to his hangout off Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn Heights, where he shot all of Tattaglia's bodyguards and a mob courier. He then wounded Tattaglia before killing him by throwing multiple glass bottles at him. Johnny Tattaglia was killed soon after Bruno, and Don Tattaglia lost both of his sons. The Tattaglias began a mob war against the Corleones in retaliation for Johnny's assassination.