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Members of the Korean Mafia

The Jopok, also known as the Korean Mafia, Korean Mob, or Kkgangpae, are an underground organization that are a part of the organized crime movement in the United States and South Korea. The Jopok are powerful in Korea as well as in Koreatown, in New Jersey, and Midtown, New York City.


The Jopok were created in the 1950s when the North Korean immigration to the United States began, although many South Koreans also came to the USA. They created the Korean Mafia, as many of the immigrants started out with little or no money. They became powerful in areas with a high Korean population, whether being back home in Korea or being in Koreatown in New Jersey; Midtown in New York City; and Los Angeles in California. The Jopok were feared by many, and were similar in style to the Yakuza, Vietnamese Mafia, and Triads.