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Juan Diego Henao Arcila also known as "El Tomate" was Pablo Escobar's right hand man. He was one of his top lieutenants and a critical member in all the Medellin Cartel events. Tomate was arrested in 1992 under the name Christian Madrigal and was sent to various prisons throughout Colombia. In 2006, he was released where he fled to Venezuela. He lived there operating a boat business until his death the following year. He wa


s gunned down in his Jeep Cherokee as he exited the parking area of his home in Cumana, Venezuela, in April 2007. He left behind an American daughter who is unknown to the public eye as well as a wife and younger daughter in Colombia. The last of Pablo’s men, John Jairo Velásquez, also known as 'Popeye' made a mini docu on Tomate- explaining his role in the operations. Juan Diego’s family has denied any participation in tv and movie roles, as respect to his daughters.