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Kim-jae Guk
Biographical Information
Aliases Kenneth J. Guck
Gender Male
Born August 7, 1945
Sariwon, Japanese Korea
Affiliation Korean Mob
Title(s) Associate

Kim-jae Guk is a Korean-American businessman who is the owner of Jersey City Laundromat, and is associated with the Korean Mob.


Kim was born in Japanese Korea in the town of Sariwon (currently in North Korea), to peasants who were partly of Chinese descent as well as Korean. Kim's father was killed in a bombing raid in the Korean War in 1952, and Kim's family moved to the United States to get employment. They moved to Korea Town in Jersey City, New Jersey, where many North Korean defectors and South Korean immigrants moved to and formed a community. His grandfather Yung-pang Guk founded the Jersey City Laundromat, and when he passed away in 1968, Kim became the manager of the business. He made the mistake of falling under the influence of the Korean Mafia, who extorted his business, and Kim paid fees to the Mob for "protection".

Kim went under financial problems in 2008 when his laundromat was robbed by bikers, and lost all $143 he had in his cash register. He was given a black eye by the Korean mobsters, since he did not have enough money to pay for the week. However, he made a recovery when he was loaned money by a loan shark, whom he paid back with a handful of cocaine that he procured from a drug dealer, paying him the last of his money.