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Little Italy War
Bruno Tattaglia
Date: January 15-December 18, 1945
Place: Little Italy, NYC
Outcome: Tattaglia victory
Major Battles: Battle of the Verona Warehouse (1945)

Corleone Corleone crime family

Tattaglia Tattaglia crime family


Corleone Vito Corleone
Corleone Sonny Corleone
Corleone Luca Brasi

Tattaglia Philip Tattaglia
Tattaglia Bruno Tattaglia

The Little Italy War was a mob war between the Corleone crime family and the Tattaglia crime family. It resulted in the Tattaglia takeover of Little Italy, a Corleone territory, which resulted in the Corleones hitting the mattresses.

War Edit

Little Italy 1945 map

Little Italy in 1945.

The Tattaglias of Brooklyn took advantage of the Barzini expansion into Little Italy to foment a new mob war with the goal of taking Little Italy from the Corleones. The Tattaglias were led in the field by underboss Bruno Tattaglia, who made a new crime wave, taking over the Verona Warehouse. The warehouse was the "capital" of Little Italy; whoever held it had control over Little Italy's rackets and businesses. The Tattaglias forced the Corleones into their safehouses or the Corleone Compound, holding pretty much everywhere else along with the other three of the "Five Families".