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The Los Angeles Triads, also known as the (Wei) Cheng Triad, are a Chinese criminal organization that operate in Blaine County and Los Angeles in southern California, formerly led by Wei Cheng. They were one of many Chinese criminal organizations that moved to the United States as a part of the drug distribution network; their plans were to buy drugs from other gangs and distribute them to other contacts across the world. They were allies with the O'Neil Brothers and are enemies with Trevor Phillips Enterprises, Michael's Gang, and the German Mafia Family.


Triad gangsters in Little Seoul, 2013

In 2013, a new crime wave came to the United States as Triad organizations moved to America. They sought to acquire drugs such as methamphetamines and cocaine and then sell them off to their other connections in a three-way trading system. Some included the Hon Triad and the Wei Cheng Triad.

Wei Cheng's Triad came from Yangshan in China, and immigrated to the United States in 2013, seeking potential business partners in Los Angeles and neighboring Blaine County. The Triads took over a meat packaging factory in Cypress Flats as a front, while their assets Tao Cheng and his translator made an alliance with the O'Neil Brothers meth gang. 

The Chengs dead

However, the O'Neils were wiped out by their old contact Trevor Philips, whom they abandoned due to his recklessness. The Triads were mad because of the loss of their partners, and sent some men to his trailer (while Philips was in LA) to look for him. They eventually tracked him down to North Dakota when he attempted to find the grave of a former comrade, but only succeeded in capturing his "boyfriend" Michael De Santa. Philips, mad at Michael for lying about his comrade's death, refused to pay the ransom for Michael, who was held at the factory. Instead, gangster Franklin Clinton rescued Michael from the factory and the two managed to kill all of the Triads in the building.

Wei Cheng swore vengeance, but he would not live to achieve it. Franklin Clinton threw a sticky bombs at his convoy as he left a beach club in Pacific Bluffs, and destroyed the cars. Wei and Tao Cheng were incinerated in the blast, and the remaining Triads were killed in the pursuit of Franklin. With this, the Wei Cheng Triad was eliminated.

However, other sets of the organization are still strong, owning territory in Little Seoul alongside the Kkangpae.


Don: Wei Cheng (also known as Cheng, Sr.)

Underboss: Tao Cheng (also known as Cheng, Jr.)

Capo: Pang Hulin

Soldiers: Kong Zhen