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Lou Boca
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Italian Mafia
Title(s) Associate

Lou Boca was the brother of mobster Salvatore Boca, and he was involved in the "French Connection".


Lou Boca was the younger brother of Salvatore Boca, and the two were both connected to the Italian Mafia. In 1971 he was involved in the French Connection, purchasing a brown Lincoln Continental in which $32,000,000 worth of heroin would be hidden before being stashed in an old factory on Ward's Island. Boca trained to be a garbageman, and he was able to have access to the old factory. He stashed the heroin there when his brother and Alain Charnier were about to make a deal, but the deal was raided. He was found guilty of conspiracy and possession of narcotics, but his sentence was reduced.