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Carmine Lupertazzi

The Lupertazzi crime family are an Italian and Italian-American organized crime syndicate based in Brooklyn and Long Island, New York, and North Jersey. It was founded in the 1920s, and now has eight crews. The family were allies with the Sicilian Mafia and Soprano crime family but were also rivals with the Sopranos. It currently has 200 made men and an unknown number of associates that may well be over 20,000. They are involved in racketeering, smuggling, bookmaking, highjacking, loansharking, extortion, bribery, murder, drug trafficking, fencing, illegal gambling, robbery, murder, prostitution, pornography, corruption, and fraud. They were weakened in the 2000s by internal problems and in 2007 their leader Phil Leotardo was run over in a mob war with the Sopranos, consolidating Soprano control over New Jersey.


Don: Carmine Lupertazzi Sr.

Consiglieri: Angelo Garepe, Albert Cianflone, and Jimmy Petrile

Underbosses: Johnny Sack and Butch DiConcini

Caporegimes: Carmine Lupertazzi Jr., Phil Leotardo, Jerry Basile, Salvatore Cogliano, Rusty MillioFaustino Santoroand Gerry Torciano

Soldiers: Albert Cianflone, Raymond D'Abaldo, Billy Leotardo, Jason Masucci, Mook Lanzillotto, David Pasquale, Eddie Pietro, and Anthony Santosusso