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Gallery of Madrazo Cartel members, as well as the La Fuente Blanca mansion.

The Madrazo Cartel is a Mexican-American drug cartel based in the La Fuente Blanca mansion in Blaine County, California. Led by Martin Madrazo, the cartel is allied with the German Mafia Family and Michael De Santa's robbery gang, and is enemies with the Ballas and The Lost MC.


Martin Madrazo became the leader of a Mexican-American drug cartel in the United States upon immigrating, based in his mansion of La Fuente Blanca in the Grand Senora Desert. Madrazo had district attorneys assassinated to cover his tracks, and was thought to be a legitimate businessman by many. However, he was a ruthless killer in addition to being a loyal friend. 

In 2013, he allied with the German Mafia Family, telling them to carry out assassinations on DAs and small gangs. He burned the evidence that DA Julio Aplin had on him, and bought a mansion in Beverly Hills for his mistress. Madrazo's association with small criminals took away much of his opposition, as his hired guns were always able to kill a large amount of rival gangs such as The Lost MC and the Ballas. Madrazo also became a partner of Michael De Santa, although they were at times enemies. 


Don: Martin Madrazo

Underboss: Javier Madrazo

Caporegimes: Juan